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April 19, 2022

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When it comes to Tian Liang, what labels do you think of? athlete? Diving champion? Daddy? Winner in life? I believe that before 2013, everyone thought of athletes and diving champions, but after 2013, it should be more about dads and winners in life. On April 15, 2022, an online press conference of Dongfeng's new car with the theme of "Tian Liang's Yacht Party" was held at the Nansha Yacht Club. At the press conference, Dongfeng's first yacht-class 7-seater family car, Fengxing Yachting, made its world debut.

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As Dongfeng's first star product to enter the mainstream 7-seat family car market, Dongfeng Yachting has formed a strong distinction from traditional family cars with five "yacht-class" product strengths, subverting the traditional 7-seat family car. , Dongfeng Yachting not only has the space and comfort of MPV, but also has the individual appearance and handling style of sedans and SUVs. It redefines 7 new types of family cars with "yacht-class" products, bringing yacht-class enjoyment to family travel.

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Dongfeng Yachting became the focus when it debuted at the press conference. With its exquisite exterior and light luxury aesthetic design, excellent driving comfort, flexible space, the best power performance in its class, and intelligent safety and other yacht-level product capabilities , to achieve a family car that understands the new generation of young families best, leading Chinese families to travel into the "yacht era".

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Say goodbye to the sense of squareness and create a ceiling of beauty. The sense of squareness is the biggest limitation of the exterior design of the 7-seat family car. The yacht is bold and innovative in design. It adopts the new design concept of "frontal dynamics", and draws inspiration from the yacht that rides the wind and waves. The appearance is exquisite and the interior is light and luxurious. The front grille that rides the wind and waves, and the standard Galaxy flowing LED headlights have great visual impact. The elegant waistline through the sheer creates a sense of harmony between the dynamic surface and the sharp lines. It runs through the taillights, creating a bright lighting effect full of vitality. Exquisite and dynamic shape, let Fengxing yacht show elegance in the edge, and create a new aesthetic experience for users of family cars.

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Say goodbye to the feeling of being cramped, and feel every seat. The comfort of a 7-seater family car is the most concerned factor for users. Fengxing Yacht has a comprehensive humanized design to create a comfortable riding experience for each seat. It is equipped with high-touch NAPPA leather zero-pressure seats, which are delicate and soft in texture, good in breathability, and ergonomically packaged to create a "zero-gravity" luxurious sitting feeling. The yacht also has a master seat that supports 10-way electric adjustment function. In addition to heating and ventilation functions, it also has a massage function with 5 modes and 8 massage points, allowing users to enjoy the ultimate comfortable driving experience. The yacht has 43 storage spaces, the most in its class, with convenient storage spaces and charging ports designed next to each seat. The second row of seats is also equipped with an independent luxury folding table, making convenience within easy reach.

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In order to create a healthy and fresh interior atmosphere, the yacht adopts an environmentally friendly cockpit design, CN95 air-conditioning filter element creates a natural oxygen bar environment like a forest, and high-efficiency filtration and sterilization ensures the health of the family. PM2.5 air purification, negative ion generator, and air conditioning fan circulation create a high-efficiency air purification system. The use of antibacterial and bacteriostatic materials and air purification create a healthier interior environment and make family travel more comfortable and healthy.

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Say goodbye to the false 7-seat, three rows of willful sitting. "Fake 7-seater" brings space anxiety to family travel. The yacht adheres to the experience and concept of the brand space leader, adopts the super cubic EMA platform structure, and subverts the previous 7-seater space layout. The strongest space performance at the same level, through the people-oriented design, each journey is unlimited, solving the anxiety of family travel space.
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Dongfeng Yacht has the best first and second row of spacious seating space in its class, with a spacing of up to 930mm. The second row of seats can slide forward and backward by 200mm, and move laterally by 160mm left and right. The parent-child seat function makes it more convenient for parents and mothers to take care of their children and shorten the distance between them and their children. The multi-function adjustment of the second-row seats and the left and right adjustable sleep headrests can easily unlock the 180° flat rest mode of the first and second-row seats, and the unique "yacht lying" enjoyment, creating a first-class ride experience that surpasses joint venture products , you can lie down and sleep comfortably. The third-row seat cushion adopts a sloping design to enhance leg support, and the angle of the backrest can be adjusted in 11 gears to ensure that the third-row seating position is the best in its class. .

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Say goodbye to the starting meat, and the driving control is more transparent. The power of traditional 7-seat family cars is often a shortcoming, but Dongfeng Yachting adheres to the concept of "efficient and reliable" to create a golden power combination to achieve the best balance between power and economy. Mitsubishi's latest 1.5TD turbocharged engine combines the advantages of low fuel consumption, low noise, high performance, low emissions, and light weight, with 197 horsepower super power, allowing the whole family to enjoy travel. The golden ratio body has the lowest wind resistance at the same level. With the blessing of the golden power combination, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is ≤6.6L, which is a new low in the industry and has the ultimate energy saving advantage. The MacPherson independent front suspension + rear trailing arm suspension combination has strong wheel alignment and grip performance, and can also ensure good handling and riding comfort, making it the best 7-seater family car to drive, allowing the whole family Travel is more enjoyable.

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Say goodbye to the driver's seat, the strongest master driver's seat. The traditional 7-seat model's main driver often has the feeling of "driver's seat", while Fengxing Yacht redefines the main driver's seat of a family car through comfortable driving and luxurious configuration. The stretched horizontal design elements and the encircling design of the cockpit of the popular yacht create a simple, warm, comfortable, luxurious and comfortable interior atmosphere for the occupants. The dual 10.25-inch smart dual-screen displays provide a panoramic view of the driving information. The Future Link 4.0 intelligent connection system is blessed and relies on the three core products of Tencent TAI 3.0 to bring the best and most complete in-vehicle interconnection ecological resources. In terms of intelligence, Fengxing Yacht has L2+ intelligent driving assistance functions, integrating 8 high-intelligence driving assistance functions such as adaptive cruise, lane departure warning, and forward collision warning, so as to avoid unknown risks in time for owners, and enjoy driving with smart technology all the way.
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Dongfeng Yachting has established a new standard for family cars with yacht-class products, and it has become a focus before it is listed. As the first 7-seat family car product after the brand renewal of Dongfeng brand, it comes with a clear flag for the Chinese family. It meets the needs of target users for multi-scenario vehicles with yacht-level car-building standards, and provides users with yacht-like comfort and quality. travel experience. Fengxing Yacht brings family users a comfortable travel experience beyond the car category, and brings users a "lie down and win" yacht life. The whole family travels on a yacht, so that family travel is as comfortable, comfortable and luxurious as a yacht going out to sea, leading Chinese big family travel into the "yacht era".
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As for the yacht-class 7-seat family car that claims to redefine the 7-seat family car, what kind of market performance it can bring, we look forward to its official launch.
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