Junfeng spring information

April 24, 2022

Spring is so good, everything is revived, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom, birds are singing and flowers are fragrant, the earth is dressed in green, and it is particularly enchanting under the embellishment of red, white and yellow flowers. Isn't this depicting the cause of green new energy vehicles?

Dongfeng Junfeng's new energy vehicles have been used for many years, including rechargeable, plug-in, and hybrid; pure electric and fuel cells; rental vehicles, shared vehicles, and public vehicles; lithium iron phosphate batteries, There are ternary lithium batteries and solid-state batteries being explored; there are AC asynchronous motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors...

At present, Junfeng Motor is paying close attention to the use of right-hand steering wheel vehicles.

At present, most of the new energy vehicles on the market are left-steering steering wheel vehicles, which are very mature and widely used. But there are still many countries and regions in the world that use the right-hand steering wheel. Such as most countries in Southeast Asia, my country's Hong Kong region, the former Commonwealth of Africa countries and so on. Right-hand-steering-wheel-mode vehicles have low demand and high development costs in the early stage of development, so many manufacturers are reluctant to develop such vehicles. Although Junfeng Motor has launched some right-hand steering wheel models in the early stage, such as A0 and sedan (LX1), vans and corresponding logistics vehicles (JF-EV26, EV35), trucks (JF-EV31) and some minibuses and buses, but in the general public The B-segment sedan and mid-size SUV used in the film still lack right-hand steering wheel models, and the market is in urgent need of such models.

Market demand is the source and power of Junfeng Motors, just like everything that grows in spring, because people need green, and the world needs everything.

This spring, the Junfeng people started. They have paid close attention to the research, market research, technical preparation, and forward development of the right-hand steering wheel series. They have listed the network plan and terminal goals. They want to use the right-hand steering wheel models for the world. Let more right-hand steering wheel new energy vehicles be used in these areas, and make these areas more "green".

"B-class sedan right-hand steering wheel models have a large investment, technical requirements, and scientific verification. We must keep up; logistics vehicles have a wide market demand and can be used as a breakthrough in the development of right-hand control. We have a good technical reserve." Junfeng Technology said the person in charge.

We believe that this spring must be very unusual for Junfeng people, because they are stepping forward in the rhythm of the spring of new energy vehicles, crossing the hills and heading towards the vast world of new energy vehicles.