Extremely cold weather forging products

January 15, 2021
     What do new energy vehicles fear most in winter? Whether the charging and discharging of low-temperature batteries are reliable and the cruising range is reduced.

      The current solution is to choose batteries that adapt to extreme cold and low temperatures, and install a heating system on the battery pack; in the future, solid-state batteries can replace the current lithium batteries and can adapt to temperatures of -70°C.

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     "Dongfeng Junfeng" knows the pain points of new energy vehicles and regards this issue as a core technical problem. Choosing the battery that is most suitable for winter is an inevitable choice, and they have done it; strict field verification will achieve the design goal, and they are ongoing.

     Hailar in January is covered with white snow and the average temperature is below -30℃. More than 20 products including Dongfeng Caput Nebula, Dongfeng Caput e-star, Dongfeng Yufeng, and New Energy VAN under Dongfeng Junfeng The cold area test is being carried out here. In extreme cold weather, the test team of the Commodity Research and Development Institute conducted tests on the cold start, drivability, carbon accumulation and charging and discharging of vehicles in accordance with the test items to fully verify and improve product performance. It is reported that in the test, the test vehicle performed well in terms of power, endurance, braking and charging, which fully reflects the reliability of the Dongfeng Light Vehicle National VI vehicle and component systems in extreme environments.

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      The technicians braved the severe cold and brought reliable models to users. They did experience the cold, but they were warm in their hearts.