Junfeng participated in the white paper release of "Sina Auto"

January 13, 2021
   On January 7, 2021, Sina Auto 2021 New Energy White Paper Forum and New Energy Big Bull Alliance inauguration ceremony was held in Haikou. Junfeng Motor Company sent staff to the meeting. At this forum, Sina Auto released the "2020 New Energy Passenger Vehicle Market Public Opinion White Paper", and jointly launched the New Energy Big Bull Alliance on Weibo platform to fully empower opinion leaders in the new energy field on Weibo. Government leaders and industry experts made a comprehensive analysis of the trend of the new energy automobile industry at this summit, and the top executives of the auto companies expressed corresponding views on the industry trend from the perspective of the enterprise.

Finally, through the Sina automotive radar system, through statistical analysis of core data such as mentions, interactions, and readings of new energy models on the three major platforms in 2020, the 2020 Sina Auto Most Expected Award and Most Popular New Energy Many awards such as the model award and the most popular brand.

      Junfeng Motor Company communicated with participating experts on new energy vehicle sharing and new energy vehicle utilization.

As can be seen in the public opinion white paper on the new energy passenger vehicle market in 2020, the new energy sales market has clearly recovered, scooters are the best-selling vehicle in the sales class, the share of B-class vehicles has increased, and the pure electric vehicle market is in the range of 100,000 to 150,000 yuan. The main and new energy vehicle markets are sinking in third- and fourth-tier cities, and charging is still a hot topic.

The next two years will be a critical period for my country’s new energy passenger vehicle industry to transition from “policy-driven” to market-led development. This also means that the industry is about to enter the 2.0 era of highly market-oriented and differentiated development. Enterprises will also have a more obvious trend of polarization. Due to the technical characteristics of new energy, especially electric vehicle products, model research and development have shown more agile and faster iteration characteristics. With the favor of capital in the past two years, new and old car companies have launched a very diverse product portfolio on the market. The performance of the above products also shows obvious polarization characteristics. At the same time, consumers' preference and demand for new energy vehicles are also changing faster than traditional fuel vehicles.

For car companies and industry practitioners, in such a cycle full of opportunities and uncertainties, how to grasp and accurately insight into consumer trends and consumer voice is particularly important. I hope that sharing this report can help the market Practitioners in the new energy automobile industry from all walks of life, in the process of continuous exploration, more clearly capture consumer trends and future development directions, and hope that China's new energy automobile industry will get better and better.

   For auto companies, how to conduct marketing through new media communication forms not only wins the favor of users, but also influences purchase decisions. It has also been a core proposition in the marketing process. In the round-table discussion session of the salon with the theme of "content planting grass and the law of true fragrance", new energy big Vs and enterprises launched infiltration discussions of Internet thinking in the field of new energy vehicles. They all expressed that the marketing of the new era is not only reflected in products The user operation of the end and marketing links, whether new or old, all have fresh attempts, which are summarized as the user’s mind planting grass and the "true fragrance" law. (Xia Wu: Haikou report)