Fast growth of new business and fast transformation of old business

January 20, 2019

Emerging business markets are available, representing the direction of future growth.

In 2018, the company accelerated the promotion of new business, the "intelligentialize, lightweight, electrical, internet, sharing, " independent development level and the "three power" R & D strength significantly improved, lightweight results were obvious, electric, intelligent, connected goods accelerated to launch, initially set up a shared platform, For the future development laid a solid foundation.

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Behind the result, the company's new energy automobile technical level is greatly improved.

At the model level, the E70 500 of the Dongfeng Aeolus Power of the pure electric vehicle is on the market, and the maximum endurance mileage under the constant velocity working condition of 60km/ h is 550 km, and the comprehensive range of the NEDC comprehensive working condition is 401 km; and the model of the E70th anniversary of the Dongfeng Aeolus is used for realizing the “10 minutes of charge, 100 kilometers of life”.

At the technical level, the electric drive power is increased by 20% to 110kw, the energy density of the battery pack is increased by 40% to 170kw/ kg, and the battery life is improved by 100%. In terms of capacity preparation, the battery, electric drive, electric control factory and R & D office building of the Company's new energy industrial park No. 1 have been put into use, and the production capacity of 100,000 sets of battery systems, 300,000 sets of motors and 800,000 sets of controllers has been formed. Unlike a technical route in the “a pawnbroker” of the new power of the building, the traditional automobile enterprise with the deep technology accumulation and the multi-point hair-generating force. in addition to that pure electric direction, the east wind is also actively distribute the mix, the hydrogen, the fuel cell, the hub motor technology.

On October 28, 2018, the Dongfeng-led national key R & D special and complete-power fuel cell passenger car power system platform and the whole vehicle development> project are officially started, aiming at building the first high-efficiency and high-safety full-power fuel cell passenger car in China.

 In the aspect of hub motor, after 3 years of effort, the company has carried out the system integration of the motor drive wheel, and the integrated mounting of the two-wheel rear drive and the four-drive sample vehicle is completed based on the models of A60EV and E70, respectively.

In addition to the independent R & D, the company also developed an e-CMP modular platform with the PSA Group to jointly develop the EV and PHEV with the Renault Nissan Alliance to advance the e-Power localization project.

 At present, the development of new energy cause of the company has been clear and focused on the goal of the “In 2023, the sales volume reached 800,000, the market rate is 18%, the performance level of the whole vehicle is up to the first-class level, and the new energy core assembly is controlled completely and independently.”, and the new energy cause of the company will be advanced in accordance with the development thought of the “The development of diversified market demands with the diversified technical route of BEV, PHEV and FCV; and the establishment of the three-electric and fuel cell assembly research and development and industrialization system.”.

 In this year, the company's intelligent network technology and automatic driving technology R & D accelerated. The vehicle is automatically driven by the Dongfeng, and the road test license issued by the Joint Working Group on the Road Test and Management of the Chongqing Auto-driving Road is obtained; the unmanned passenger vehicle and the commercial vehicle respectively reach the levels of L3 and L4, and the vehicle is automatically driven in 2020; and the development of the unmanned Minus prototype vehicle is completed; In this paper, the interaction system of WindLink3.0 artificial intelligence machine is developed, and the leading level of the industry is reached.

In the aspect of smart car, the future Dongfeng will rely on the development platform of the intelligent network, and focus on R & D, design and design of Sharing-VAN (unmanned micro-bus), RoboTaxi (unmanned taxi) and multiple intelligent network-connected models, and gradually introduce different levels of smart car products in a phased manner.

In this year, the company takes the new energy car as the carrier, and actively develops the sharing travel business. Dongfeng trips, Dongfeng is easy to enjoy, the travel platform of the couplin is on-line demonstration operation. The “Dongfeng Travel” is the Internet car travel platform developed by Dongfeng, and it is the first comprehensive travel service platform to integrate all-trip scenes in China.

It has been operating in Wuhan and Shiyan. Currently, the registered users are over 70,000. As a new business, the company does not have to spread the sharing service in the whole country on a fast and fast way, but rather to take the way of the point-to-face, first in the company's Wuhan base, the Shiyan base pilot, the steady and steady, the small step fast, step by step to the other production base of the east wind, to form the brand effect. The steady and steady development model of the company is more robust and reliable at the time of the start-up sharing of the frequent “explosive” of the trip company.

With the joint efforts of all the cadres and workers, in 2018, the new business of the company is growing rapidly, the new and old kinetic energy is accelerated, and the company is moving towards an excellent enterprise providing all-round and high-quality automobile products and services to the user. In 2019, the company will continue to accelerate the driving in the fast lane of the emerging business development.

Wuhan reporting, reporter: Chen Wulin