Governing overload calls for lightweight vehicles

June 10, 2020
Governance overloading has become the main measure taken by the country to control the transportation environment. All departments have taken action to take action nationwide.

In response to the "National Action" for vehicle overload control, since May, Junfeng has sent many people to Yunnan, Sichuan, Shanxi, Anhui and other places to investigate user demands and pain points, and to understand the market changes in user demand for vehicles. Propose countermeasures. Today (June 10) the company held a seminar in Wuhan to explore the market response measures after the load limit.

Many departments such as technology, marketing, and sales believe that national restrictions on overloading are very timely and necessary. As an automobile operating company, we are more responsible for safeguarding national interests and user interests, and ensuring enterprise development and economic interests based on safe operation of vehicles. If you can start from the light weight of the vehicle after the overload is managed, you can ensure that the original driver and end user benefits are not or less lost; you must start from the vehicle chassis and body to change the vehicle structure, remove excess attachments and weight, and make the vehicle lighter; New technologies, new processes, and new materials should be used to change the structure of the vehicle and make the vehicle lighter in design; it must change the power output method and way to reduce emissions and pull more fast. In short, technological progress and business model innovation will gain more market opportunities brought by "supervision".

The seminar believed that Junfeng Automobile will strengthen communication with users, coordination with new material manufacturers, and cooperation with technical centers and other departments to develop more lightweight vehicles to meet user needs.