"Junfeng" chain "bank credit", build a win-win bridge

June 3, 2020
      (Our website Wuhan News): On June 2, Junfeng Automobile Company and China Railway Construction Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Co., Ltd., signed a strategic agreement, and "Junfeng" Automobile officially entered the "Railway Construction Bank Credit Platform". Become a member of the platform. Since then, Junfeng Automobile will use the blockchain and Internet electronic settlement technology to open up a wider financing and settlement channel to serve Junfeng Automobile's business.

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    The Railway Construction Bank Credit Financial Service Platform is a financial service platform built by China Railway Construction Group using blockchain and Internet technology to provide a full range of electronic financial services for its settled members. Its "bank credit" is an electronic credit certificate issued by a member company to a supplier that reflects the creditor's rights and debt relationship between the basic contracts of both parties to the transaction. The railway construction bank credit platform provides a brand-new settlement method for the majority of enterprises in the China Railway Construction Industry Chain. It has the characteristics of high credit, splittable, transferable, and financing, flexible and convenient to use, and controllable risks. The platform supports suppliers' financing or holding expiration, and provides efficient and convenient new financing channels for SMEs.

    Junfeng Automobile uses this platform and electronic financial products to provide platform member companies with car design, car operation, car culture of car experience, and fast, safe and value-preserving services in all links of the industry's entire value chain.

    Innovation leads the business and builds a bridge. I believe Junfeng Motor's "financial credit" is getting better and better!