Group dynamics: 2 million kilometers of autonomous driving

May 6, 2022

The commercial operation of Dongfeng smart heavy-duty trucks, which Junfeng participated in, was 2 million kilometers.

The reporter learned from Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. as of now, more than 100 Dongfeng Tianlong KX smart heavy trucks equipped with Xuanyuan automatic driving system and officially mass-produced at the end of 2021 have been put into the normal state of 7 domestic leading logistics and cargo owners. During the cooperation, the total mileage of autonomous driving commercial operation exceeded 2 million kilometers, leading the autonomous driving heavy truck industry. Junfeng Company participated in the research and development of this model and obtained important data.

Data shows that in commercial operation, Dongfeng Tianlong KX smart heavy truck maintains safety and zero accidents, and the number of collision warnings per thousand kilometers is 40% lower than that of manual driving. In a single transportation task with an average distance of 800-1000 kilometers, the mileage of the autonomous driving system accounts for more than 90%.

The automatic driving function of the vehicle covers the whole area of the expressway, which can transform the driver from a purely manual driver to a safety administrator, which greatly reduces the driver's fatigue; Attendance and timeliness meet customer requirements.

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At present, the new crown epidemic continues to spread frequently. Since April 21, Dongfeng Tianlong KX smart heavy-duty trucks have been in the "Smart Heavy-duty Truck Guarantee Supply Line", cooperating with relevant logistics companies to carry out the task of guaranteeing the supply of materials to Shanghai, Taiyuan and other cities.

Dongfeng Tianlong KX smart heavy truck adopts an automatic driving system, which can effectively reduce manpower and improve the transportation efficiency of trunk line vehicles.