Group dynamics: Delivery of self-developed equipment for the temperature control system of new energ

March 11, 2024
Latest company news about Group dynamics: Delivery of self-developed equipment for the temperature control system of new energ

On March 6th, the first self-developed equipment "New Energy Motor Temperature Control System" by Dongfeng Group's R&D Institute, the MotorCool 313 model, was officially delivered. This device not only achieves the function of simulating the working conditions of new energy vehicles on the test bench, but also innovatively integrates remote intelligent monitoring and active safety functions of the device. It is the first product of this kind developed in the industry. Junfeng Company participates in the development and provides feedback on the usage status in domestic and foreign markets.

It is understood that the MotorCool 313 model adopts integrated control of samples and simulation of vehicle working conditions, which can achieve precise temperature control in vehicle testing, effectively ensuring the stability and efficiency of motor operation. It will bring new breakthroughs to Dongfeng's research and development field with excellent performance and innovative design concepts.

On the basis of independent operation, the MotorCool 313 model can be integrated with the main control system of the test bench to achieve remote intelligent monitoring. At the same time, it is linked with the shutdown alarm of the bench system to predict risks in advance and improve the active safety of the equipment. Currently, it has covered 80% of the simulated vehicle operating conditions. As the equipment continues to iterate and upgrade, it will be expanded and applied to high temperature 110 ℃ and low temperature -40 ℃ test conditions.

Tan Minqiang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Dean of the R&D Institute of the company, participated in the delivery activity and verified the performance and effectiveness of the equipment. He said that the delivery of the "new energy motor temperature control system" has effectively improved research and development efficiency, demonstrating the deep accumulation and unremitting pursuit of the company's research and development institute in the field of automotive intelligent equipment. Dongfeng R&D personnel should continue to increase their efforts in equipment self-development to support the high-quality development of Dongfeng's independent business.

In the future, multiple models will be equipped with this system to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and safety of vehicle power systems.