Junfeng pays attention to the Two Sessions: promoting high-quality development of the new energy veh

March 10, 2024
Latest company news about Junfeng pays attention to the Two Sessions: promoting high-quality development of the new energy veh

Accelerate the construction of Hubei as an important strategic pivot for the rise of the central region

At the occasion of the Two Sessions, Junfeng Company highly pays attention to the information conveyed in the conference on intelligent and new energy vehicles, closely follows the national trend, and develops its own business. Today, pay attention to the voices of representatives from Dongfeng Group.

During this year's National People's Congress and Two Sessions, Wang Jianqing, a representative of the National People's Congress and the team leader and chief skilled technician of the final assembly and inspection workshop of Dongfeng Group's commercial vehicle factory, presented a proposal on promoting the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry and accelerating the construction of Hubei as an important strategic pivot for the rise of the central region.

latest company news about Junfeng pays attention to the Two Sessions: promoting high-quality development of the new energy veh  0

Wang Jianqing, National People's Congress representative and team leader of the "Wang Tao Class" in the final assembly and inspection workshop of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd

Wang Jianqing introduced that the automobile industry is an important pillar industry and advantageous industry in Hubei. Hubei has developed into one of the most complete provinces in China's automobile industry chain, and is also one of the six major automobile industry clusters in China. It has 25 automobile factories (19 new energy vehicle enterprises) and 1678 large-scale automobile enterprises, forming a "China Automobile Valley" (Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone) as the core, "Wuhan Xiangyang Shiyan Suizhou" A new pattern supported by the automobile corridor industry belt, with multiple efforts from Yichang, Jingmen, Jingzhou and other places. The "Wuxiang Ten Sui" automobile cluster and the Wuhan optoelectronic information cluster have been selected as national advanced manufacturing clusters, and the transformation of new and old driving forces is constantly accelerating.

Wang Jianqing stated that currently, Hubei is seizing the development opportunities of new energy vehicles and focusing on building a trillion level automotive industry cluster. As a central enterprise of automobiles in Hubei, Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. plays a leading role in accelerating transformation and upgrading, and has created the high-end intelligent new energy vehicle - Dongfeng Lantu brand. It has mastered key core technologies such as the leading central centralized electronic and electrical "Tianyuan Architecture" and the first intelligent multimode hybrid "Lanhai Power" developed on a pure electric platform. According to the plan, Dongfeng's sales of independent new energy vehicles will reach over 1 million by 2025.

Wang Jianqing stated that compared to the requirements of the Party Central Committee for high-quality development, the quantity and quality of new energy vehicle development in Hubei do not match the target positioning of "building a fulcrum". In 2023, Hubei's automobile production reached 1.79 million vehicles, accounting for 5.9% of the national total; The total production of new energy vehicles is 388000, accounting for only 4.1% of the national total. The main problems are: severe internal competition in the industry, some business models that are unhealthy and unsustainable, sales lacking profits, marketing chaos, and other disruptions to the normal market order; The structural surplus of traditional production capacity urgently needs to be converted to new energy production capacity; The support of components for the development of the whole vehicle is not strong, and the output value ratio of the whole vehicle to components is about 1:0.8, which is lower than the international average level of 1:1.7. The local matching rate of components is about 35%; The support of composite and specialized high-end talents in fields such as electrification, intelligence, and networking is insufficient for their careers.

Regarding this, Wang Jianqing proposed the following suggestions:

One is to promote the establishment of a more standardized and orderly market order. Give full play to the role of tangible hands, guide car companies to deeply cultivate technology, quality, service, brand, etc., prevent price wars of "stampede style" and "suicide style" unfair competition, and promote the return of prices to rationality. We will continue to strengthen the rectification of self media and water armies in the automotive industry, which are driven by capital to create hot topics, increase traffic, exaggerate advertising, mislead users, and consume social value, in order to purify the industry ecosystem.

The second is to accelerate the transition of excess production capacity to new energy vehicles. Improve the exit mechanism and support the further transformation and upgrading of traditional production capacity through "tens of thousands of enterprises and trillions of yuan technological transformation". Given that new energy vehicles have higher requirements for traditional technologies such as chassis and body lightweighting, enterprises are encouraged to effectively combine new energy and fuel technologies, promote coordinated development, and complement each other's advantages.

The third is to enhance the resilience and safety level of the entire vehicle and parts industry chain supply chain. Give full play to the leading role of central automobile enterprises in the industrial chain and supply chain, support Dongfeng Lantu and other vehicle enterprises to achieve high production and sales, and drive the transformation and upgrading of component enterprises. Improve the cooperation mechanism of "government, industry, education, research, application, and finance", establish new research and development institutions, focus on developing high-end sensors, on-board central brain, automotive grade chips and other component businesses, and build a modern supply chain.

The fourth is to strengthen the construction of the "first resource" for talents. Support the establishment of a national level platform to attract and gather talents, introduce industry-leading and high-end talents, increase the internal training of high-quality skilled and engineering talents, and create a highland for the talent team. Encourage new energy enterprises to introduce talents, and it is recommended to provide individual income tax reduction and employment subsidies for new energy practitioners with a bachelor's degree or above.

The fifth is to encourage various regions to expand the demand for new energy vehicle consumption. Support the implementation of policies such as "trade in old for new" tailored to local conditions and tailored to each province, and promote the implementation of preferential policies to effectively stimulate terminal consumption of new energy. Deepen the action to improve the quality of new energy vehicle products, enhance the quality of enterprise products and services, meet diverse user needs, and achieve commercial success.