Group News: DF-go is really coming!

May 31, 2019
(This website Wuhan news): DF-go is really coming!

       From May 28th to 31st, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd.'s “Dongfeng Travel” service platform held the “Kaicheng” series of activities in Wuhan, taking the lead in the online car business, and the first batch of 1,000 network vehicles. This marked the first shot of Dongfeng travel officially launched in Hubei.

       The person in charge of the operation of the platform, Dongfeng Changhang (Wuhan) Technology Co., Ltd. (part of Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.) introduced that “Dongfeng Travel” is positioned as a one-stop, comprehensive travel service platform, providing express trains and special vehicles. Travel time products, taxis, charging, public transportation, commuting, logistics and other products and services. Since its launch in July last year, Dongfeng has focused on the time-sharing business in Wuhan and Shiyan, with nearly 100,000 registered users. According to reports, the "Dongfeng Travel" plan put in 5,000 vehicles in Wuhan during the year. The layout of the production bases of Dongfeng is also quietly unfolding.

    “Dongfeng Travel” introduced its “three-step” strategy: in 2019, it will focus on building three model cities of Wuhan, Shiyan and Fuyang. A total of 10,000 vehicles will be put into operation, serving 2 million users, forming a breakthrough in the local market; In the year, it quickly replicated in the province and the Dongfeng base city, operating 100,000 vehicles, forming a regional lead; finally based in Hubei, radiating the country, operating 500,000 vehicles, serving 100 million users, reaching the national leading level.

It is understood that "Dongfeng Travel" also created the "Driver University" this year, recruiting, training, management, and retaining qualified drivers who are "clean, clean, and standard." It is reported that the "Dongfeng Travel" network about the express billing standard is 4 km or 7 minutes starting price of 10 yuan, while Wuhan ordinary taxi starting price of 10 yuan within 3 km, followed by 1.8 yuan per kilometer.

At the opening ceremony on the 28th, Dongfeng Company cooperated with dozens of partners and related units such as Hubei Automobile Distribution Association, Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Company, CITIC Bank, and Special Calls. The Hongjun Declaration, which aggregates superior resources, builds a full-fact chain of travel, and builds a cooperative ecological alliance.

Relying on the ecological alliance, Dongfeng Fengshen E70 customized by “Dongfeng Travel” can reach more than 400 kilometers in one charge, plus 470 charging stations and more than 4,000 charging piles on the charging network platform, which will greatly alleviate the mileage anxiety and all drivers will receive orders. Face recognition and alcohol testing should be completed before. The platform also has five service support centers in the three towns of Wuhan.

Yu Wei, member of the Standing Committee of Dongfeng Company’s Party Committee and deputy general manager, said that the opening of the city in Wuhan has slammed the “Dongfeng Travel” in Hubei’s “regional breakthrough”. Next, “Dongfeng Travel” will also open a city in Shiyan and Xiangyang to explore a replicable development model. (Li Jianjun, Xia Wu: Yu Hualiang reports)