The Group's first "Dongfeng & Zhonglian" pure electric sanitation trucks were delivered in Changsha

May 27, 2019
(Special correspondent Xu Gang correspondent Zhang Jing) On May 22, 28 pure electric sanitation vehicles jointly developed by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle and Zhonglian Environment were delivered to Changsha Sanitation System for the first time. The vehicles will serve Furong District, Tianxin District, Yuelu District, Kaifu District and Yuhua District of Changsha City.
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At present, the "Blue Sky Defence War" has been in full swing throughout the country. The Changsha Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have taken active actions and carried out various tasks from the source. On the day of the event, Liu Mingli, deputy mayor of Changsha City, said that it is necessary to fully understand the significance of the upgrading of sanitation work vehicles, accelerate the use of sanitation new energy vehicles, and strengthen the follow-up guarantee and service work for new energy vehicles.

The vehicles delivered this time include pure electric road maintenance vehicles, pure electric washing vehicles, pure electric cleaning vehicles, and pure electric self-loading garbage trucks. Zhonglian Environment is a leading domestic sanitation equipment manufacturer and service provider. The combination of Dongfeng and Zhonglian makes the quality of the whole vehicle more reliable. At the same time, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles will also provide a more reliable overall solution for vehicle service, so that vehicle operation is worry-free.

It is reported that according to the requirements of the Changsha Municipal Government, the city plans to update 150 new energy sanitation vehicles in 2019. At present, each district has signed 69 contracts with Zhonglian Environment. In the next step, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle will continue to work closely with Zhonglian Environment to work together to “make the world cleaner and make the future a better place”.