Group news: Dongfeng driverless agricultural machinery won some praise

February 15, 2023
Latest company news about Group news: Dongfeng driverless agricultural machinery won some praise

Recently, the driverless tractor of Dongfeng Jingguan Agricultural Machinery Company with Dongfeng ZD30 light engine was put into use in Zhuwan Village, Fangxian County, Shiyan City. The model 1004 driverless tractor uses the ZD30 engine produced by Dongfeng Group Light Engine Co., Ltd., which is characterized by high quality, high torque, low fuel consumption and low noise. The tractor uses the Beidou positioning auxiliary system. After the seeds are loaded, the agricultural machinery can operate according to the self-set route. After using the agricultural machinery, Zhu Shengli, the chairman of the Fangxian Shengli Agricultural Machinery Professional Cooperative, said that it was a vane for the use and promotion of agricultural machinery in the future because of its accurate turning, stable power, and smooth land arrangement, which reduced labor intensity and cost.

Dongfeng Group not only pays attention to the development and application of intelligent and new energy vehicles, but also pays great attention to the application of agricultural machinery and construction machinery, develops a variety of products and puts them on the market.