In 2023, the new nano BOX has been launched

February 16, 2023
Latest company news about In 2023, the new nano BOX has been launched

It is a special vehicle for commute and short-distance travel.

It brings fast charging and sets off the trend of light electric vehicle. Recently, the "with fast charging it can flash" 2023 Dongfeng EV Nano BOX Light Wind Edition launch conference has been held in Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hankou). The Chain Store of Wuhan has invited many friends from the press and new and old users to witness the wonderful appearance of the Nano BOX Light Wind Edition. At the same time,  the curtain has been raised for competition between this model and similar domestic models.


As the first model of Dongfeng EV new energy launched in 2023, the nano BOX light wind version is positioned as a small pure electric SUV with a range of 201km. It has launched three versions of models, including standard, lightning and advanced models. The diversified combination provides more choices for young people to enjoy light electric life. At the same time, Dongfeng EV new energy official also has brought benefits for users in the year of the rabbit: users who choose the standard version of the light wind only need to pay 2000 yuan to enjoy the "Rabbit Flying and Advance" lightning kit worth 4000 yuan, including the fast charging function, LED headlamp kit, shark fin, motor guard and central armrest box.

On the day of the event, many 
friends from the media and new and old users of Dongfeng EV New Energy Wuhan Chain Store gathered together to experience the superior quality and extraordinary strength of the Nano BOX Light Wind Edition in all aspects. The popularity of the event site is high and the interaction was frequent; The newly launched Nano-BOX Light Wind Edition fully displayed the advantages of super high beauty, super space, superior configuration and quality driving control. Central enterprise manufacturing, military industry quality and European Union standards were close to each other, which further refreshed the "ceiling" of the quality price ratio of the 60000 level pure electric SUV with the strength of the super-class products of the Nano BOX Light Wind version, and won many praises. During the listing activity, a series of preferential policies for car purchase were strongly supported, and the Nano BOX Light Wind version won the favor of many on-site users, and the on-site orders continued to rise on February 11.


In terms of appearance, the nano box light wind version adopts the China-Chic square and round aesthetic design, and the front closed grille is integrated with the horizontal rectangular headlamp, showing the true color of the trend. The body size is 3732mm * 1579mm * 1515mm, and the wheelbase is 2423mm. The lines on the side of the car are dynamic and smooth, showing a simple and relaxed movement posture. Sitting in the car, the horizontal center console has an embracing design with a continuous door panel, and a color-blocking integrated seat with embroidery technology, which is dynamic and full of texture.4.jpg

In terms of space, Nano BOX adopts the design of short front overhang, short rear overhang and large axle length ratio, with an ultra-long wheelbase of 2423mm, and a wide and comfortable cabin to make the ride experience more comfortable and comfortable. In addition, the volume of the rear compartment of the nano BOX light wind version is 300L. After the rear seats are completely down, 1107L of skip loading space can be obtained, which comprehensively improves the practicability of the vehicle.


In addition to the appearance and interior decoration full of youthful trend, the power and endurance are the absolute highlights of Nano BOX. In terms of power, the nano BOX light wind version is equipped with 125N · m permanent magnet synchronous motor and 33kW power output. Whether it is starting at a red light or overtaking in the city, the power experience remains excellent. In terms of control, the whole vehicle is based on the Nissan-Renault Mitsubishi Alliance CMF-A platform, and the chassis is adjusted by the Renault team. It is a 60000 class EU standard pure electric SUV. The vehicle adopts the front McPherson type independent suspension structure, with a minimum ground clearance of 150 mm, providing users with better handling stability, trafficability and comfort.

When it comes to energy supplement, the performance of the Nano BOX Light Wind version will never disappoint you. The CLTC comprehensive driving range is 201km, which can meet users' daily commuting, weekend camping, suburban travel and other travel needs. The lightning type and advanced type are equipped with fast charging and slow charging functions. 30% - 80% of the power can be replenished within 32 minutes of fast charging, and the full power can be replenished within 3 hours of slow charging, so as to avoid the user's anxiety about battery life.


In the low-price pure electric market, the Nano BOX Light Wind version, as a promising "rising star", has set a benchmark for the quality and price ratio of small pure electric SUVs by virtue of its ultra-high beauty value, superior quality and ultra-high cost performance. Previously, once the nano BOX was launched, it entered the first camp of independent small pure electric SUV in the form of a dark horse, and accumulated a good reputation in the market. This time, the nano BOX light wind version, which focuses on the low price market, is officially launched, and is expected to continue to ignite the market and become the most affordable pure electric SUV leading the small pure electric circuit.

Junfeng Company will receive domestic and overseas reservations from now on.

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