Group News: Dongfeng has 14 new energy models in the national declaration

November 13, 2018
This website Wuhan news):On November 5th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "New Energy Vehicle Promotion and Application Recommended Model Catalogue (11th Batch in 2018)" announcement. This batch of catalogues includes 161 models of 76 companies. Dongfeng has 14 models including passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special vehicles.

Among them, there are 3 Dongfeng passenger cars, which are from Dongfeng Fengshen, Dongfeng Fukang and Dongfeng Xiaokang. It is worth noting that the Fengshen DFM7000G1F7BEV pure electric car has a cruising range of 508 kilometers. The Fukang brand DFM7000G1F6PBEV pure electric car has a cruising range of 401 kilometers.

According to the parameter information, in terms of power, Fengshen DFM7000G1F7BEV pure electric car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The energy density of the battery system is 170 watt-hour/kg, the maximum speed is 150km/h, and the power consumption of 100 kilometers under working conditions is 12.80. kWh. The Fukang DFM7000G1F6PBEV pure electric sedan is also equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a maximum speed of 150km/h and a power consumption of 13.80kWh for 100km under working conditions.

Under the background of global climate change, low carbonization has become the general trend of the world economy, and the development of new energy has become China's national strategy. Under the influence of these factors, the production and sales of new energy vehicles continued to grow rapidly, the technological level of enterprises was significantly improved, and social recognition continued to expand. However, the new energy automobile industry still faces enormous risks and challenges. At present, new energy vehicles have entered the post-subsidy era, and with the decline of subsidies, enterprises will increase their pressure. In this case, it is the core competitiveness to produce high-quality products with new technical methods and new technical means to meet user needs.

Dongfeng Company actively promoted the "583" plan in capturing the commanding heights of new energy vehicles. The technology and commodity development in all fields of pure electric, hybrid and fuel cells continued to accelerate; the "Three electric" industrialization project landed, and core resources such as electronic control and motor were controlled. New progress has been made; business model innovation continues to advance.