The first battery electric city-sanitation-vehicle of Dongfeng Tianjin is launched

November 15, 2018
The first electric vehicle of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company is officially off line.” At 9: 10 a.m. on October 18, Dongfeng Corporation officially opened a new era for new energy business, along with a jade-white Dongfeng Tianjin battery electric city-sanitation vehicle slowly driving down from the sixth assembly line. This first off line battery electric middle-duty truck is manufactured based on Dongfeng Tianjin platform, and equipped with Ningde Era’s battery. It has the advantages of easy charging, zero emission, low noise and other. The peak output power of the vehicle is 160 kW and the peak output force is 218 horsepower. Under the average speed in the city, the mileage of the vehicle can reach 365 kilometers or so. It is suitable for re-fit of cleaning truck, garbage truck and sprinkler, etc. In the future, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company will gradually build up a production base for new energy battery electric vehicle, with annual production capacity of 10,000 units.