Group News: Dongfeng + Huawei + Xiangyang =?

April 2, 2019

(April 2, Xia Wu Xiangyang report)

Going to work every day

An unmanned microbus

Will wait for you downstairs on time according to the appointment time.

Large logistics park

Unmanned trucks shuttle between them

The robot is working on the goods

Automated identification, zoning, and scheduling

Invisible "cloud"

a smart traffic cloud platform

Collecting information and issuing instructions in real time

Make sure everything is in order

In the virtual test track

Just enter the technical parameters

Can carry out the vehicle

Testing of various types of automatic driving scenarios


Not far future

These seemingly distant imaginations

Will be realized

Today, Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Company”), Hubei Province Fuyang Municipal People's Government, and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huawei”) officially signed the “Zhihang Longzhong” project strategic cooperation framework agreement in Fuyang. The three parties will once again join forces to give full play to Dongfeng's strong strength in the fields of automobile R&D, manufacturing, testing, and travel. Huawei's technological advantages in cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, 5G, AI, etc. The advantages of data center resources, as well as the unique location advantages and industrial characteristics of Xiangyang City, together make Xiangyang become the national intelligent network vehicle demonstration zone, smart travel and smart logistics innovation pilot zone and smart traffic benchmark city.

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▲Dongfeng, the standing committee member and deputy general manager of Dongfeng Company, Li Dejun, deputy mayor of Fuyang Municipal Government, and He Liyang, general manager of Huawei Automotive Industry Solutions Department, signed the agreement. Dong Feng Company Party Secretary, Chairman Yan Yanfeng, Hubei Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Liyang Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Lecheng, Huawei Vice President Zhang Shunmao, Fuyang Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Yan Yingcai, Dongfeng Company Strategic Planning Department Deputy General Manager Tang Teng witnessed the signing ceremony.

Nowadays, under the general pattern of economic globalization and informatization, China is undergoing a profound transformation under the guidance of the development concept of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”. In the automotive industry, the trend of “five-chemical” (lightweight, electrified, intelligent, networked, and shared) has brought about changes in automotive products and technologies, and the way of travel is being reconstructed; in line with industrial changes and the wave of technology, With the opportunity of building “one pole and two centers”, Fuyang is accelerating the layout of smart transportation in cities; the intelligent transportation system based on 5G, AI, cloud technology and big data provides technical support for the construction of smart cities. Against this background, Dongfeng Company, Fuyang City and Huawei officially launched the “Zhihang Longzhong” project to create a livable urban smart transportation new ecology. In the future, the three parties will jointly promote the “Zhihang Longzhong” project in phases, and build four projects including smart car valley, smart travel, smart logistics and smart transportation cloud platform, from industrial wisdom to urban wisdom, to build a smart world of universal connectivity. To meet the people's yearning for a better life.

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In the aspect of Smart Car Valley, we will complete the R&D, production, testing, experience, and integration from the digital test track and virtual simulation test track to the China Auto Driving Demonstration Zone in three phases with the core of Xiangyang Daan Automobile Testing Center Co., Ltd. The intelligent networked car ecosystem, which is applied and integrated, attracts upstream and downstream industries to gather in Fuyang to form a car valley.

In terms of smart travel, relying on the Dongfeng travel platform, it will realize the demonstration operation of the intelligent networked automobile commercialization, and build a travel ecosystem integrating smart cars, smart driving, smart charging, smart parking and smart rescue, and build a leading domestic station. Diversified travel platform.

In terms of smart logistics, Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will be used as a carrier to realize customized, efficient and unmanned logistics through the use of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technology, and to create a smart city ecological logistics circle in the city through innovation in business models.

In terms of smart transportation cloud, it will be based on the infrastructure of Fuyangyun International T3+ standard, and the cloud will be able to enhance AI+EI, continuously improve SaaS service capabilities, support smart car valley, smart travel, smart logistics, and drive industry and people's livelihood. Political affairs "smart +" transformation.


The construction of a smart transportation city is inseparable from the wisdom of the transportation system, and can not be separated from the wisdom of travel carriers. On the day of the conference, the site also exhibited a number of intelligent networked car products, such as Dongfeng Fengshen's new generation AX7, Dongfeng Fengshen E70, and Dongfeng Autopilot Logistics Vehicle, which were independently developed by Dongfeng Company.

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Among them, a new Sharing-VAN mobile travel service platform debuted on numerous occasions.

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▲Sharing-VAN debut map

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Sharing-VAN has a sleek and simple appearance. There is no driver's seat in the car, no steering wheel, throttle and brakes. It can be used by 6 people at the same time. It can also be used in smart logistics, mobile retail and other application scenarios. It is understood that this mobile travel service platform combines the latest technological achievements such as LTE-V/5G, driverless, new energy electric vehicles, time-sharing, and public travel services, aiming to explore a new model of the next generation of public travel services. In the future, it will appear in more and more traffic connection areas, landscape garden areas, science and technology industrial parks, and suburban residential areas.

In the cities of the future, connectivity is everywhere, and intelligence is omnipotent. As the central city of Hanjiang River Basin with more than 30 years of development history of the automobile industry, Xiangyang is not only an important light commercial vehicle, medium and high-end passenger car, new energy vehicle, key assembly manufacturing and inspection and testing base of Dongfeng Company, but also Huawei Cloud Computing Data Center. location. In this strategic cooperation, Dongfeng will give full play to its advantages in smart cars, smart travel, inspection and testing, and the industrial accumulation in Fuyang in the past 30 years to empower urban smart transportation; Huawei will be from the car end (vehicle communication, car Computation), roadside (5G and C-V2X road coordination), and cloud (Huawei Yunyang Cloud Data Center) and other aspects of cooperation with Fuyang and Dongfeng to help build a neural network and smart brain for urban traffic; Fuyang City will By strengthening project services, planning and leading, industrial agglomeration and other initiatives, the “Zhihang Longzhong” project will be promoted early and early.

As a long-term strategic partner, Dongfeng Company, Fuyang City and Huawei will continue to play a complementary advantage on the basis of deepening cooperation, and make the “Zhihang Longzhong” project a successful example of cooperation between government and enterprises for the promotion and promotion of everyone. Every family and every organization becomes a beneficiary of a smart city. At the same time, the implementation of the project will also help Dongfeng accelerate the realization of the "three leading, one leading" strategic goal, and provide more vivid samples for Huawei to explore smart city solutions.