I drive "Jun Feng" to go green (3)

March 29, 2019

---- Test drive E11K southwest trip


On March 28th, we spent one night in Enshi, and our Dongfeng.JunfengE11K vehicle test drive team set off again. Today's goal is Chengdu. Director Xiong Shihua asks everyone to be energetic and ready to meet the 700KM challenge.

At 10:00 in the morning, with the local flavor of Enshi and the harvest of yesterday, we started from the "Country Hotel" and went to the Enshi East Expressway. After 26 minutes, we arrived at the Enshi Service Area. Check the vehicle and recharge the power for 10 minutes to fill the power consumption on the country road yesterday afternoon and this morning. At the same time, experience the charging facilities in the Enshi service area. The equipment is very good, it is expensive.

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Passing through the QiYao Mountain Tunnel in Lichuan, we are driving with great care in this tunnel because it is an accident-prone tunnel, known as the Life Tunnel. It is said that when the tunnel was built, a Yin River was blown up, and the water flowed, thinking Do your best to block it. The cave was very wet, so it was more careful, we passed smoothly at 65KM/H. The E11K vehicle battery pack is equipped with 58-degree power and is mounted on the bottom of the vehicle. The battery's sealing and water repellency are very good, so we are very relieved.

On the way, Xiong always used the car Bluetooth system to make calls. The matching entertainment system and communication system of the vehicle is very practical, and the screen is full of atmosphere, avant-garde and technology. The caller was the net car company of Enshi yesterday. They were very interested in the "Junfeng" new energy car. They discussed the business policy and ordered an E11K prototype. It seems that yesterday’s hard work was rewarded.


At 11:56, we traveled 120KM and arrived at the Baiyangtang service area at the junction of Hubei and Chongqing. We got off the bus and patrol the charging facilities. It is also the charging station of the State Grid. The charging gun is quite tight here, and it is first to the east wind. "New energy logistics vehicles occupy their own brothers, we will be modest. It seems that the operation of this generation of new energy vehicles has basically been normalized.

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Enter Chongqing, arrive at the Wanzhou cold water rest area, and experience charging facilities. Chongqing's super cheap electricity price is 1.00 yuan / kWh, the price has no time limit, which is obviously in the business with Hubei. Let us envy the price of electricity, and feel that the spring of Chongqing's new energy vehicles has arrived earlier.

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The Wuzhong County Yangtze River Bridge has significantly reduced vehicles. E11k is equipped with high-quality power 100KW motor, excellent electric drive system, and full power to let us drive happily.

At 14:00, arrive at Chongqing Xinli Service Area, Charge battery to 85% and continue on the road. Through every service area in the Chongqing area, we all go down to see if there are any charging piles, all, very good! There is still 40% of the electricity, no hurry, take a while to recharge. At about 16:30 in the afternoon, enter the Chenghong Expressway Sihong section, the first service area - Pengnan, no charging pile, the power is less than 30%; to the next service area - Suining West, or no charging pile, the power is less than 10 %, this time we panic, hurry to find a way to find the nearest exit to the high speed, there is hope in the city. This may be the user's charging anxiety disorder!

At 18:08, I went to the exit of Lezhi County (the hometown of Marshal Chen Yi), and it was less than 110 kilometers away. The electricity was less than 6%, and I quickly went out to find the charging pile. There is a highway maintenance station less than 50 meters away from the exit. Under the enthusiasm of the staff, we use our own slow charging line, charging the patch panel, 320 volts, 5 amps for slow charging, slowly Make up the electricity, the process just happened is shocking! Slow charge only 5A current, the current power 6%, can only make up 1.5 degrees of electricity in an hour, only 4% after 80 minutes, charging to 40% power can go to Chengdu, anxious! Still looking for fast filling piles.

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The biggest gain of this time is that the actual distance from Xinli Service Area to Lezhi Exit is 299 kilometers. Our Dongfeng.JunfengE11K vehicle SOC is from 85% to 6%. This is the excellent performance of E11K, far better than similar models. .

20:10, driving a car with 10% power, go to the county to find a charging pile everywhere, listen to friends said that the bus company just installed a charging pile at the beginning of this year, when people found that they have already got off work, the door is locked. I found a way to find the staff on duty, and I worked hard to get to the power at 20:38. At this time, we only feel hungry, surrounded by wilderness, insist on charging the electricity and then talk about it. This is the operating environment of new energy vehicles in cities and towns below the current four lines, but we believe that this phenomenon will not happen in the near future.

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At 21:30, full of nearly 55%, set off and march toward Chengdu. 23:20 to reach the capital. I remember that I have not yet eaten dinner, the vehicle has to be recharged, for tomorrow's battle, find a place to eat and charge.

The challenging day is over. Let's take a look back and remind ourselves: 1: We must have planning for doing things. If we plan well, there will be no embarrassing situation on the Sihong Expressway; 2: Do not rely on intuitive judgment to do things. Do in-depth research. If we are not covered by the illusion of charging piles in every service area in Hubei and Chongqing, we can arrange charging points early after entering Sichuan; 3: Friends have more roads to go; 4: The new energy vehicle market will gradually become civilian. Every time we go to a charging station, there are a lot of onlookers and consultants, and show great desire to use; to charge the battery, as long as the planning is good, it is not a problem along the way.(Zhang Xinyi reports)