Group News: Lantu Motors launches the second stop of global testing peers

January 8, 2021
On January 7, Lantu Motors launched the second stop of the global test companions in Qionghai, Hainan. A total of 8 test companions participated in the Lantu FREE enhanced corrosion resistance test. Lantu Automobile pioneered the industry. Lantu FREE pioneered the cyclic salt spray corrosion evaluation method for mass-produced models. Its corrosion resistance design period is 12 years, which is a leading level among passenger cars. As a zero-anxiety medium and large-scale intelligent electric SUV, Lantu FREE will continue to carry out severe tests such as extreme cold, NVH, power durability, collision and battery packs after the high-temperature plateau test and the enhanced corrosion resistance test of the vehicle. It will be launched in 2021. Listed and delivered in the third quarter.
Lantu Motors launches the second stop of global testing peers

As a tester No. 0009, Lantu Auto’s CBO Lei Xin said: “Lantu Auto adheres to the stringent standards of building high-end cars, takes quality and safety as the first principle, and adopts higher standards in R&D, testing, production and manufacturing. The rigorous testing standards of the same-level models strive to solve users’ anxiety about the quality and safety of electric vehicles. At the same time, Lantu has created and shared Lantu FREE with users through the global test companion activities, and listened to users’ voices before being put into production. Promote product and service optimization quickly."

Lantu Automobile is the first domestic automobile company to fully develop the vehicle corrosion requirements. The vehicle anti-corrosion target is 12 years of non-corrosion wear and function loss, and 6 years of standard parts, functional parts, and conventional tools can be removed and reinstalled. , Consistent with the anti-corrosion guarantee period of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other companies in North America and Europe. Among them, Lantu FREE has a corrosion-resistant design life of 12 years, which is at the leading level among passenger cars.

   On December 18, 2020, Lantu Auto released the "Enjoy Plan", which aims to invite users and industry friends to participate in the R&D, testing, production and service processes of Lantu Auto to help the rapid iteration of products and services. As part of the "Enjoy Plan", Lantu Auto recruited test colleagues from all over the world, invited users to participate in the product development and testing of Lantu Auto, and more than 2,000 people actively participated. The corrosion resistance test of the whole vehicle is the second stop of the global test peer program. Car owners of Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Tesla, Weilai, Ideal and other brands participating in the corrosion resistance test this time.

As the world’s number 0005 test companion, BMW X5 (Configuration|Inquiry) owner Yu Kunzheng said: “I have been following Lantu for half a year, and I am very happy to be able to participate in the R&D and testing process of Lantu FREE. Lantu Motors is demanding The test standards and the self-confidence of daring to be open are inseparable from the strength of Lantu's car manufacturing and user philosophy. I believe that Lantu FREE can bring us a safe and reliable experience and become a good car in the electric era."

  Lantu Automobile is the first domestic automobile company to officially implement the cyclic salt spray corrosion evaluation method for mass-produced models. The test intensity and evaluation method are among the most stringent in the world. This test was completed at the Hainan Automobile Proving Ground. After Lantu FREE is scratched, it will undergo high-speed driving, gravel impact, salt spray, enhanced corrosion road driving, reliable road driving, and temperature and humidity environment under cyclic salt spray corrosion. Cyclic testing in different scenarios such as warehouse storage can resist corrosion caused by salt, dust, high temperature, humidity or silt, and comprehensively verify the corrosion resistance of the vehicle body and parts. After each 10 cycles of the above, a full-vehicle spot inspection and a full-vehicle inspection will be taken. There will be nearly 200 inspection items. The corrosion status will be recorded, updated and verified in time.


   Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles have higher requirements for corrosion resistance. Chassis wading will examine the tightness, insulation, wading performance and salt water resistance of battery packs, high-voltage wiring harnesses, electric drive systems and other three-electric system components. Based on the positive development of the target, Lantu FREE relies on the design of nearly 90% of the body material selection of coated steel plates (including 31% of aluminum-silicon coated hot-formed steel plates), all-aluminum alloy chassis, accurate material anti-corrosion simulation, electrophoresis simulation, and sealing The design, the chassis anti-shock glue and cavity anti-rust wax design, etc., achieve an excellent anti-corrosion design, so that the corrosion resistance of the vehicle is consistent with that of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other brands.

   Starting from January 2021, Lantu FREE will start a 120-day enhanced corrosion resistance test for the entire vehicle. During this test, the vehicle will undergo 120 corrosion resistance test cycles to simulate the 12-year use scenario of the user in the harshest corrosive environment. After the corrosion resistance test is over, Lantu Automotive engineers will remove all the parts of the Lantu FREE body one by one, check the corrosion status of nearly 10,000 parts, conduct a life analysis of the corroded parts, check the body condition and issue a verification report. It is expected in June Invite users and industry friends to witness the test results.

   Following the high-temperature plateau test and the enhanced corrosion resistance test of the vehicle, Lantu FREE will continue to carry out a series of test subjects such as extreme cold, NVH, power durability, collision and battery packs to achieve high-quality delivery.

  As China’s “new strength in car-making”, Lantu Automobile continues to accelerate the production of high-quality products. Lantu FREE is positioned as an anxiety-free medium and large-scale intelligent electric SUV. It provides two power solutions, extended-range electric and pure electric. It has 4 intelligent cockpit modes, and the entire system is equipped with advanced intelligent driving assistance systems as standard. Lantu FREE's extended range electric vehicle NEDC has a comprehensive range of 860km, and reservations are now open. With the launch of Lantu FREE, Lantu Motors looks forward to providing the new backbone with a zero-anxiety electric experience and adding new kinetic energy to the development of electric vehicles in China.

In June 2020, Lantu FREE's engineering prototype vehicle departed from Wuhan and returned to Wuhan after passing through Dunhuang, Golmud, and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It took more than 3 months to complete the high-temperature plateau test, demonstrating excellent electric drive and electronic control performance and driving. quality. In the test, Lantu FREE's vehicle temperature resistance, high temperature rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration battery management performance, battery electric drive performance, and vehicle power retention performance are all at the current industry leading level.

In this test, the engineer fully inspected the reliability and stability of Lantu FREE vehicle in terms of three power, power, thermal management, air conditioning function and electronic components under the high temperature and high light environment with the surface temperature as high as 65℃. And durability. Under a high temperature environment of 45°C and a low power of 20%, the vehicle will continue to travel for a long time at 130km/h, the engine will always run in the high-efficiency range, the power of the vehicle will not decay, and the power will be maintained at about 20%. Leading range-extended electric technology allows Lantu FREE to solve the mileage anxiety of users in long-term, high-temperature, and high-speed car scenarios.

Among them, the thermal management experiment simulates the use scene of the car in the extreme heat exposure environment. The test engineer puts the whole car in the open air environment where the surface temperature exceeds 65℃, and performs the high temperature exposure durability test for up to 300 minutes. The cell temperature Keep in the best working range. Lantu FREE's battery electric drive performance is ahead of the same class of cars after continuous high-frequency rapid and rapid reduction tests under extreme high temperature conditions. The air conditioning experiment simulates the refrigeration capacity of an air conditioner in a high-temperature environment. The results of the experiment show that when the air conditioner is turned on at 61°C, it only takes 9 minutes and 48 seconds to reduce the interior temperature to 26°C. Leading more than 20% in the same level of high-end new energy vehicles.