Group News: On the eve of New Year's Day, Voyah Auto started user delivery in Norway

January 3, 2023

According to our correspondent, at the end of December, Voyah launched user delivery in Norway. Up to now, 136 Voyah Frees have been delivered to owners in Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar, Salpsburg and other cities. Previously, at the end of November, 500 Voyah Free vehicles arrived in Oslo, Norway.

The CEO of Voyah Automotive said: "Norway is the first stop for Lando to explore the overseas market. Voyah Free launched its delivery in Norway, marking Voyah's official entry into the European market and an important step in opening a new journey in the overseas market. We will continue to build industry-leading products and services by virtue of our technological innovation advantages, and bring global users an intelligent electric travel experience comparable to international luxury brands."

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The overseas sales staff of Junfeng Automobile said: "The Free and Dreamer models of Dubai's" VOYAH "sample cars are also ready for reservation".

Aleksander Gamme, a Norwegian explorer who once walked across the South Pole as the first owner of Voyah FREE in Europe, was deeply impressed with the intelligent 4WD, air suspension and interior space of the vehicle, and has begun to prepare for the long distance driving of a family. "I like adventure, so I attach great importance to the safety of vehicles. Voyah Free not only has enough space, but also the air suspension, night vision system and seat ventilation, heating and massage are very easy to use. This car will never limit our destination. It has completely replaced the house car at home and become our first choice for travel."

Terje Nygard, the first user of Voyah Free in Norway, is the product manager of an IT company. In Oslo, Norway, Terje Nygard took over the key of Voyah Free from the CEO of Electric Way. He said: "Voyah Free is definitely a high-end car with both internal and external skills. It is also a perfect family car with strong power. It has excellent driving control performance and intelligent configurations such as the lifting triple screen. It is the best SUV I have ever driven. The camera in the car can monitor the driving state. Voyah Free makes me feel safe when driving, and its technology is far superior to that of its peers."

As the first model of Voyah to go to Europe, Voyah Free has customized its configuration according to local regulations and localization needs in Norway. The starting price is 719000 kronor (about 508000 yuan). With 106.7kWh battery pack, the range under WLTP conditions can reach 500km; In terms of power performance, equipped with front and rear dual motors, the maximum power is 360kW, the peak torque is 720N • m, and it takes only 4.4 seconds to accelerate 100 km at the fastest speed.

The VOYAH FREE intelligent navigation system on sale in Norway uses local map software. Norwegian car owners can remotely operate the car control function through mobile phone APP to enjoy the new experience of intelligent travel brought by warm technology. Compared with the domestic sales version, in addition to adapting the hardware and software according to the European and Norwegian markets, in combination with the Nordic car scenario, the Voyah R&D team redesigned the car body to provide a towing capacity of up to 2 tons, and opened the trailer coupler option to better meet the travel needs of local users.

It is reported that in June 2022, Voyah opened the first Voyah space in Europe in Oslo, Norway, and in November, opened the first overseas flagship store in Trondheim, Norway, further radiating brand influence in Norway. At present, more than 25% of users who have test driven in Norway will finally order. Following the Norwegian market, from 2023 onwards, Voyah plans to enter Israel, Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark again, strengthen the distribution of overseas stores, continue to expand the lineup of overseas models, and constantly improve product experience and user service.