Junfeng Company has acquired the qualification of handling

January 6, 2023
Latest company news about Junfeng Company has acquired the qualification of handling

How time flies! The year 2022 has passed in a flash. In the past year, Junfeng Company opened the channel for handling the certificate of origin of RCEP, and handled several certificates of origin of RCEP for overseas dealers, making the economic benefits brought by the reduction of tariffs truly shared by users in the RCEP region. The cost of importing "Junfeng" vehicles locally has been reduced, making "Junfeng" new energy vehicles more competitive. With the steady development of the overseas market, "Dongfeng Junfeng" brand new energy vehicles are favored by many overseas users. With the support of the RCEP policy, the brand, quality advantages and perfect after-sales system are able to better meet the import policy needs of different countries. After Junfeng opened the RECP certificate of origin handling channel, it will be more rapid and convenient for low service export business.

RCEP is the abbreviation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement. Based on the five free trade agreements (FTA) that ASEAN signed with China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and India respectively, RCEP seeks to establish a large-scale free trade area covering major countries in the Asia Pacific region to improve the fragmentation effect of the construction of the Asia Pacific Free Trade Area. A total of 15 member states have joined RCEP, forming the world's largest free trade area. The ensued  influence the effective member states of RCEP bring includes: tariffs reduction and market opening up. Each country will open up at least 100 markets in various fields. Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar enjoy special treatment, and 30% of their goods enjoy zero tariff treatment. 65% of the goods of other member countries enjoy zero tariff.

In 2023, Junfeng will closely follow the good situation of China's new energy vehicle export, exert its inherent advantages, actively respond to the policies of the customs and the Ministry of Commerce, and make the handling of the certificate of origin of RCEP more smooth and fast. We will strive to improve our service quality, cooperate with the import policies of different overseas regions, meet customer needs, constantly improve the competitiveness of products, establish an overseas sales system with the characteristics of Junfeng, constantly innovate the business model, and make Junfeng Automobile scale new heights!

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