Group Sharing-Smart unmanned sweeper and unmanned patrol car unveiled

May 31, 2020

Recently, the Sharing-Smart unmanned sweeping vehicle and unmanned patrol vehicle developed by the group were unveiled and displayed dynamically.

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Dongfeng Sharing-Smart series products have two sets of driving solutions for L4 level automatic driving and 4G / 5G parallel driving. Dongfeng Sharing-Smart unmanned patrol car is a model customized and developed by the Group according to the work requirements of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau Railroad Bureau. It has functions such as night vision patrol, security, evacuation, face temperature measurement recognition, and police equipment placement. Dongfeng Sharing-Smart unmanned sweeping vehicle is equipped with automatic driving and 5G remote driving solutions, which combines cleaning and killing functions. It can process about 7,000 square meters of pollutants per hour, which is equivalent to cleaning the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge twice per hour. . This unmanned sweeping vehicle can complete the sanitation work under complex environment and road conditions, and has a good market prospect under the background of "new infrastructure".

The Dongfeng Sharing-Smart series products developed this time have enriched the product line of the technology center. As a miniaturized platform, it has strong scalability and can meet the personalized needs of customers.