Group Technology: Entering bustling streets to experience future transportation

December 26, 2023
Latest company news about Group Technology: Entering bustling streets to experience future transportation

Recently, Huazhong Zhigu in Wuhan welcomed a new transportation partner - the "Spring Shoot" flexible unmanned shuttle bus. In recent days, from 7:30 in the morning to 20:00 in the evening, it silently shuttles between the Jiangcheng Avenue subway station and the Huazhong Zhigu Cultural Industry Park, providing residents with a "futuristic" travel service without interruption.

This "Spring Shoot" unmanned shuttle bus was developed by Dongfeng Group Company and is an unmanned shuttle bus equipped with black technology. There are currently three buses on this service route, starting from Exit D of Jiangcheng Avenue subway station and passing through Wuhan Yaxin General Hospital, Wuhan Children's Hospital, Zhigu Cultural Industry Park and other places, with a total distance of 4.8 kilometers. Since the trial operation on December 15th, the number of passengers has continued to increase.

Since its opening, this route has been widely welcomed by surrounding residents and passengers. Citizens can take trains through "Wuhan Tong" and check the vehicle location and departure frequency through the "Joyful Smart Travel" mini program. During the trial operation period, you only need to pay 1 cent to enjoy this new and convenient future transportation experience, which has received unanimous praise from everyone.

Ms. Liu, a citizen, excitedly said, "It's my first time riding this autonomous bus, and it feels very novel and interesting. The entire journey was very smooth, without any noise, and the interior environment was also very comfortable. I believe it will become mainstream in the future."

Xiao Pan, who works in the Zhigu Cultural Industry Park, also repeatedly praised, "I often need to go from the subway station to the company. In the past, I had to wait for a bus or take a taxi. Now that I have the 'Spring Shoot Bus', I have an additional choice, which is very convenient. Moreover, the design of this bus is very user-friendly, with spacious and comfortable seats, allowing me to enjoy a quiet time on the commute to and from work."

A mother also shared her experience, "The car is spacious and comfortable, and it is very quiet and stable. It is convenient and fast to go to the hospital, and the child finds it very innovative. There are also historical story stickers on the car body, and the child can also learn some historical knowledge."