Media Focus: 50,000 VOYAH Vehicles

December 28, 2023
Latest company news about Media Focus: 50,000 VOYAH Vehicles

On December 27th, as a brand new 2024 "VOYAH" Dreamer slowly drove out of the production line, the "VOYAH" car officially welcomed its 50,000th complete vehicle production line in 2023, demonstrating its leading strength in the high-end new energy vehicle market and breaking new sales records for the year, laying a solid foundation for the new development of Dongfeng's independent brand.

"VOYAH" Automobile officially welcomes the 50,000 th complete vehicle production line in 2023

Since the beginning of this year, "VOYAH" automobiles have ushered in a new round of rapid development. In August, the fully upgraded new "VOYAH" FREE was launched, and nationwide delivery began in September. In October 2024, the new "VOYAH" Dreamer was launched, achieving immediate delivery upon launch. At the same time, "VOYAH" dreamers have successively landed in markets in countries such as the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, and West Africa, accelerating their journey to "go abroad". In early December, the first "VOYAH" electric hybrid sedan Race The Sun PHEV was launched globally, bringing new growth points to the monthly sales of 10,000 vehicles. With the iterative upgrading of product performance and quality, since June, the delivery volume of "VOYAH" cars has shown a strong growth momentum, with a year-on-year increase of 129% from January to November, demonstrating the brand's strong "intelligent" manufacturing power with six consecutive upward trends.

Starting from November 15th, "VOYAH" automobiles will start a dual shift production mode

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With the continuous growth of new car orders, in order to ensure timely delivery of ordered vehicles, "VOYAH" automobiles started a 24-hour dual shift production mode in November this year, providing users with high-quality products and services with stronger product capabilities, faster production efficiency, and higher quality assurance system. With the steady progress of dual shift production, the production capacity of "VOYAH" 4.0 digital factory will gradually reach 400 units per day. While further meeting the rapidly advancing production and sales needs, "VOYAH" automobiles always prioritize quality as the first lifeline. By extensively adopting global leading technologies such as 5G, big data, edge cloud, and AI, a complete production and manufacturing system and lean quality management system are built, providing sufficient production capacity and quality assurance for the steady increase in sales.

As a high-end smart electric brand under Dongfeng Motor, the rapid development of "VOYAH" is driven by Dongfeng Motor's continuously accumulated research and development innovation capabilities and intelligent manufacturing capabilities. At present, Dongfeng has completed the full industry chain layout and technological accumulation of new energy, independently controlling key core technologies such as new energy platform architecture, three electric assemblies, and hydrogen fuel cell systems, and forming a complete three electric production capacity layout. In terms of brand layout, Dongfeng has built a brand pattern covering all categories of new energy passenger vehicles, including luxury, high-end, and mainstream. It not only has the "VOYAH" brand targeting the high-end electric vehicle market, but also carefully creates the luxury electric off-road brand Mengshi, leading China's independent luxury high-end brands to leap upward; At the same time, we will implement integrated management of the three major product series brands, Dongfeng Fengshen, e π, and Dongfeng Nano, and make every effort to strengthen, optimize, and expand the "Dongfeng" brand. Looking towards the future, Dongfeng will gradually launch 21 independent new energy passenger vehicle models and 17 basic new energy commercial vehicle models to continuously meet the needs of customers for a better travel life.

The vast and boundless journey, sailing but trust the wind. Dongfeng Motor will continue to deeply implement the "customer-centric" concept, achieve high-level technological self-reliance and self-improvement through technological "leapfrog actions", and promote transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development through technological, product, and brand leaps, writing a new chapter of upward development for independent brands.

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In terms of market, Junfeng Company is actively responding and striving to explore overseas markets, delivering more "VOYAH" vehicles to overseas users. The above picture shows the delivery of vehicles to a market in West Africa in November.