How about the skateboard chassis? Dongfeng booth's nuclear technology

April 23, 2023
Latest company news about How about the skateboard chassis? Dongfeng booth's nuclear technology
At the Shanghai Auto Show, the Dongfeng Junfeng Next Generation Smart Architecture Zone unveiled its mysterious veil, marking the first public appearance of the Dongfeng skateboard platform series products.
Among them, the skateboard chassis is the starting point of the series of products and an important cornerstone of Dongfeng's independent research and development for the next generation of smart travel. The VAN cars and concept pickup trucks exhibited simultaneously this time are based on skateboard chassis technology.

From a distance, the overall appearance of the skateboard chassis resembles that of a skateboard. Unlike traditional car chassis, the skateboard chassis has a flat design, a smooth main body, and a soft line design. There are Dongfeng logos on the middle, front, and wheel hubs of the chassis, which are simple and atmospheric.

Approaching and observing, the main color of the skateboard chassis presents a gradient of silver gray and white, reflecting a sci-fi texture of virtual reality with the yellow light inside the wheel hub.
The skateboard chassis has five major technological competitiveness: distributed drive, wire controlled chassis, software integration, hardware integration, and efficient power. Due to the modularization of each function, it can accelerate the iteration speed of the product, and can be used for both passenger and commercial purposes, infinitely expanded, and individually modified according to different needs. "Liang Haiming, an expert at the company's technical center, told reporters.
It is reported that Dongfeng and Junfeng have achieved multiple technological innovations on the skateboard chassis: distributed drive architecture and wire controlled chassis algorithm, balancing high efficiency, high torque, and high power; The carbon dioxide integrated heat pump thermal management system enables faster heating speed, more energy-efficient air conditioning, and can adapt to larger temperature differences. At the same time, the number of core components is significantly reduced, achieving weight reduction and reliability improvement of vehicles; The architecture of "front dual motor+rear wheel hub motor" is equipped with SBW wire control steering technology and EMB wire control technology internally, fully supporting intelligent driving at L3 level or above. In emergency situations, active control can quickly intervene, and four-wheel independent wire control can be achieved, greatly improving safety.
On site, at the connection between the wheel hub and the main body, the reporter saw the exposed vibration damping structure of the chassis. The air spring and CDC (automatic adjustment and uninterrupted shock absorption control system) shock absorber are installed here. The air suspension adjustment accuracy can reach ± 7 mm, and the adjustment speed and response time are extremely fast.
In the middle of the platform, you can also see the solid-state battery pack inside the chassis. The reporter learned that the energy density of the battery cells reaches 405Wh/kg, which can pass safety tests such as acupuncture and 150 ℃ hot box, and can withstand 50% compression deformation. A model built on a skateboard chassis will reduce power consumption by 10% over 100 kilometers compared to its peers, significantly improve range, and achieve super fast charging.
The skateboard chassis is equipped with a core wire control system independently developed by Dongfeng, which can achieve platform and upper level decoupling development, software and hardware decoupling, bringing customers advantages such as differentiated customization and spacious space. "Junfeng company's technical experts introduce.

This means that the skateboard chassis can become a standalone product, bringing innovation to the business model. After the standardization of chassis production, personalized design of the upper body is easier to achieve at a lower cost. Therefore, the new generation of production model of "chassis standardization+body customization" may make personalized production a reality and mainstream.

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As a flexible, stable, and more adaptable intelligent chassis system, the skateboard chassis demonstrates Dongfeng's new research and development posture in actively responding to the industry's transformation towards electrification and intelligence. In the future, Dongfeng's research and development field will continue to deepen its layout of skateboard chassis and launch more new products based on the next generation intelligent architecture.