This car is powerful, domineering, and technologically advanced

April 27, 2023
Latest company news about This car is powerful, domineering, and technologically advanced

It's already on my 'To Buy List', "Ms. Yang described her feeling as" palpitating "when she first saw the Mengshi 917. Although she has a petite appearance, Ms. Yang prefers large cars with a tough design. The tall and majestic body and imposing design of the Mengshi 917 are in line with her own aesthetics. She said that it is difficult for other cars to bring her greater visual impact like it.

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This car is powerful and domineering! "Like Ms. Yang, many viewers at the Shanghai Auto Show were attracted by the appearance of the Mengshi 917, and their intuitive feeling was" domineering ". The length of the car is nearly five meters, and the width and height of the car are both nearly two meters. The Mengshi 917 on the exhibition stand gives a sense of tiger's perch. Paired with the Dongfang Xingshi front face, trapezoidal lion roaring array grille, and cross target headlights, the vehicle is quite recognizable, "making it visible at a glance

The design concept of Xionghun also influenced the interior of the Mengshi 917. Adopting the design of the Wanli Jiangshan themed interior style, the Mengshi 917 puts great effort into details, forming a unique style such as beacon desk air conditioning vents and pistol style armrests. The spacious and soft seats are also comfortable, and the multifunctional aircraft shift handle and five screen intelligent interaction in the cabin further demonstrate the product's sense of technology and futuristic.

Skilled gatekeepers. Carefully observing the ground clearance, off-road enthusiast Mr. Li became more and more fond of the Mengshi 917. Long endurance, high intelligence, all terrain, and strong power are thanks to Dongfeng's M TECH technology architecture, which is industry-leading in skateboarding off-road platforms, power, and all terrain intelligent solutions.
What impressed me the most was the wading function of the Mengshi 917, "Mr. Li said

Not only does the Mengshi 917 support five off-road driving modes, namely "snow, mud, sand, rocks, and wading", as well as intelligent off-road "AUTO" mode, but it also has a secret - Crab mode. At low speeds, the obstacle avoidance ability is superior, the overall maneuverability and passability of the vehicle are better, and the ability to overcome difficulties is stronger; At high speed, passing through curves and flowing water. Chassis Dynamic Domain Control (VMC) technology can also actively adjust the control boundaries of front and rear steering, braking, suspension, and powertrain, allowing for better vehicle handling.

Although I am not an off-road enthusiast, the Mengshi 917 sparked my curiosity and imagination about off-road life, and its performance also gave me the confidence to try adventures, "said Miss Li, the audience.

People come and go, seeing off the eye-catching fans of "Yankong" and the eager off-road enthusiasts. The Mengshi 917 on the booth welcomed some special audiences.

Mr. Wu, who is dedicated to admiring the vehicles, is a veteran who witnessed his unforgettable military career in the warrior 917. In the past, we used to drive Dongfeng Mengshi military vehicles in our army. This time, I heard that the Mengshi 917 appeared at the Shanghai Auto Show, and I came here to explore. Compared to military vehicles, the Mengshi 917 is a bit less wild and rough, and has a bit more modern and technological, reminiscent of the arrival of the era of electric and intelligent cars

Mr. Wang, an older audience member than Mr. Wu, once drove a legendary Dongfeng Mengshi military off-road vehicle. Through the Warrior 917, one can still see the shadow of military vehicles and evoke the fearless and conquering aura, "Mr. Wang said.

In the high-end segment of all terrain off-road racing, it was once dominated by Western brands such as Hummer, Land Rover, and Mercedes Benz. At the critical moment of global electric vehicle transformation, Mengshi Technology stepped forward and bravely entered the luxury electric off-road vehicle segment market: 14 months later, Mengshi Technology entered the trial production stage of full process integration, running at the "Mengshi speed"; Breaking through multiple key core technologies, the Mengshi 917 carries Dongfeng's mission and responsibility of achieving high-level technological self-reliance, continuous innovation in institutional mechanisms, and continuous upward brand breakthroughs.

China has warriors! From the first fully independently developed and produced military vehicle to the "first brand of Chinese military vehicles", Dongfeng Mengshi military vehicle has condensed Dongfeng's extraordinary development history of over 50 years.
17 years later, continuing to write the legend of military vehicles and carrying the new cause of Dongfeng, the Mengshi 917 set off again, taking a path that no one else had taken.

Making its debut at a major international auto show, Mengshi Technology showcases the extraordinary charm of Eastern luxury electric off-road to global consumers with three models: the pure electric version, the extended range version, and the official modified pilot version of the Mengshi 917. Meng Shi Technology CEO Cao Dongjie said, "Meng Shi Technology is facing the global cutting-edge trend of tough off-road technology development, empowering electric off-road with hard core technology to subvert innovation and achieve comprehensive access. As Meng Shi Technology's first product, the Meng Shi 917 is China's first luxury electric off-road masterpiece

Mass production and implementation of M TECH technology architecture to create a new off-road experience

The Mengshi 917 is the first mass-produced landing model of the M TECH Mengshi intelligent off-road architecture. The M TECH architecture is based on the standards of super platform, super power, and super off-road, comprehensively refreshing the hardcore off-road cognition and experience, including three industry-leading hardcore technology clusters: MORA Mengshi skateboard off-road platform, MEGA POWER Mengshi power, and Mengshi off-road all terrain intelligent solution M ATS.

MORA Mengshi skateboard off-road platform is China's first electric off-road skateboard platform, which can support two power modes: pure electric and extended range. Based on this, the Mengshi 917 pure electric version adopts front and rear four motor drive, which can achieve a power output of over 1000 horsepower and a comprehensive range of 505 kilometers; The extended range version uses a combination of three motors and a 1.5T range extender, with a comprehensive horsepower of more than 800 horsepower and a comprehensive endurance of more than 800 kilometers.

With the support of MEGA POWER, the Mengshi 917 adopts the world's first two speed transmission with integrated differential lock, with wheel torque exceeding 16000N · m and zero acceleration of only 4.2 seconds.

Mengshi Off road All Terrain Intelligent Solution M ATS has five off-road driving modes: snow, mud, sand, rock, and wading. It can intelligently select the most ideal off-road mode based on different off-road conditions. At the same time, the crab mode of the Mengshi 917 allows the vehicle to drive horizontally, making lane changes more agile and parking easier.

The Eastern Eagle Eye drone system equipped with the Mengshi 917 has road monitoring function, which can survey environmental information such as road terrain, slope, angle, and support synchronous intelligent path planning. It also has a loading capacity of 3 kilograms, making camping and long-distance travel fun.

The design of the male soul leads the trend of luxury and elegance in the East

The front face of the Oriental lion shaped design features a trapezoidal lion roaring array grille, cross target headlights, sword finger dome rear taillights, and a tall and powerful body, making the heroic design concept of the Mengshi 917 self-evident.

The design concept of Xionghun has had a profound impact on the interior design of the Mengshi 917. The Mengshi 917 adopts the interior design style of the Wanli Jiangshan theme, with unique design styles such as beacon desk air conditioning vents and pistol style armrests, showcasing the grandeur of the world. The embellishments of Eastern cultural embroidery techniques convey a pleasing and elegant Eastern luxury atmosphere.

The multifunctional aircraft gear lever integrates gear shifting, chassis lifting, and off-road mode adjustment, truly achieving effortless control. In addition, the Mengshi 917 is also equipped with the Dana Confidence series audio system, and the cockpit adopts five screen intelligent interaction, with five senses in one.

In terms of color matching, the Mengshi 917 offers three exclusive colors: Boundless Fantasy, Jungle Mist, and Titanium Black Gold. The interior offers two color styles to choose from, Moon Shadow Grey and Sandstone Orange. In addition, Mengshi will also provide color scheme customization services to meet users' personalized aesthetic needs.

In addition to exclusive features such as exterior embossed design, red brake calipers, and 20 inch forged wheels, the Mengshi 917 official reform pilot version also supports the development of front end installations such as roof platforms, side ladders, auxiliary lighting, and drone systems.

A week ago, at the global first car tasting auction of Mengshi Technology, the first car of the advanced customized version of Mengshi 917 Lorenz was successfully auctioned. Jeffrey Huang, a well-known entrepreneur, was the owner of Mengshi 001. The high-end customized version of the Mengshi 917 Lorenz perfectly integrates the advantages of Mengshi's hardcore technology with Lorenz's exquisite design style, giving the Mengshi 917 a strong sense of technology and futuristic.

Building an Eastern off-road ecosystem and leading the new trend of luxury electric off-road

With the rapid upgrading of automobile consumption, consumers' needs have become more diverse. Beyond personalized expression, aesthetic preferences, and lifestyle taste needs, the ultimate experience suitable for multiple scenarios has become their common pursuit. Mengshi Technology has insight into market trends and, starting from customer needs, constructs a unique off-road ecosystem and sales system. Through modification, culture, services, and derivatives, it constructs an Eastern off-road ecosystem to create high-quality electric off-road life for customers.

Han Wei, a top off-road racing driver known as the king of Chinese cars, has been appointed as the Chief Instructor of Mengshi Off road Research Institute. He will work together with Mengshi to create an off-road ecosystem and create Eastern off-road culture with customers.

Mengshi will introduce a new retail sales model, create two channel forms: Mengshi Club operation driven Mengshi Experience Center and Mengshi Experience Store, and gradually expand Mengshi Technology's marketing channels. As of April this year, the Mengshi brand has completed its sales channel layout in 20 cities nationwide and will accelerate the construction of more cities' channels. "Wang Jiong, the CBO of Mengshi Technology, said in an interview with reporters.

With the global launch of the first model, the Mengshi 917, Mengshi Technology will enter a new stage of brand development. With its unique off-road ecology and sales model, it will lead the new trend of luxury electric off-road, usher in a new era of electric off-road, and officially usher in the era of luxury electric off-road in China.

Naming of Mengshi 917

9. It is the most luxurious brand sequence of Dongfeng in the new energy passenger vehicle market, representing the ultimate and cutting-edge technology and strength.
17. Representing strength, confidence, perseverance, and perseverance in Eastern culture. Just like Mengshi, born in 2003 with the heart of fearlessness and conquest, after 17 years, it officially embarked on the path of electrification and luxury in 2020.