JF-PLUS CNG, a wealth creation car that only requires "gas" but not "oil and electricity", is here

June 16, 2023
Latest company news about JF-PLUS CNG, a wealth creation car that only requires "gas" but not "oil and electricity", is here

On June 12th, the new model "2023 JF-PLUS CNG" of the M5 family of Dongfeng Group was officially launched in Kashgar, Xinjiang. As another new masterpiece of the M5 family, the 2023 JF-PLUS CNG combines high-end feeling and cost-effectiveness, long endurance and large space, and peace of mind and passion. With four leading advantages: more stylish travel, more profitable running, wide adaptability and large space, and safe and secure driving, it allows customers to have everything they want, and the pain points of wealth creation are always met, It is also more in line with the needs of overseas oil and gas giants.

180L atmospheric tank, which can run and earn more money

The motivation for wealth creators to strive is to create more wealth. To achieve wealth creation and income increase, the "horse" must run farther and longer. The 2023 JF-PLUS CNG is equipped with the largest 180L gas tank in its class, with a comprehensive range of up to 580km. Both the gas tank volume and range are far higher than competitors in its class. The 2023 JF-PLUS CNG brings users true worry free travel and wealth creation with larger gas tanks, longer battery life, and lower vehicle costs.

Exceeding the level of business sense, making travel more stylish

The new car continues the family style horizontally extended front grille design, and is equipped with self adjustable projection headlights with better transparency, showcasing the elegant atmosphere; Enjoy the luxurious journey with a comfortable window in the middle, matched with an integrated high-end privacy glass.

The interior design also creates a high-end sense of business. A 10 inch high-definition LCD touch screen, integrated with audio and video entertainment system, Bluetooth, navigation and other interconnected functions, allowing you to enjoy convenience and intelligence on the way to wealth creation. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a full range of electric heating and cooling air conditioners, with independent front and rear control, ensuring that every passenger can feel like a spring breeze.

Large space, flexible and practical

For an MPV model that needs to meet the three core needs of passenger transportation, cargo carrying, and household use at the same time, a more practical spatial layout is particularly important. The 2023 JF-PLUS CNG brings a new optimization solution to wealth creators in various industries, by designing the air tank at the bottom of the body, allowing the trunk space to be freely applied. The length, width, and height of the 2023 JF-PLUS CNG are 5170mm × 1920mm ×  1930mm, with a wheelbase of 3198mm, the spacious interior provides a wider and more comfortable driving experience.

In addition, the 9-seater version of the new car has deepened its backup space to 405mm and increased its depth by 158mm, maximizing space utilization and easily carrying at least 10 24 inch suitcases. It is worth mentioning that the new car has convenient sliding doors on both sides, with a large opening of 820mm and double opening on both sides, making it more convenient for passengers to get on and off, and more efficient for cargo loading and unloading.

Super strong engine, more secure and safe

JF-PLUS CNG, as the first medium to large MPV CNG model in China, has undergone long-term market testing and is of stable and more reliable quality. Not only that, the 2023 JF-PLUS CNG is equipped with a German FEV high torque and low fuel consumption engine, which has undergone high-strength verification and testing of performance performance, which can eliminate the high failure rate of ordinary oil to gas conversion. At the same time, the rear axle speed ratio of up to 4.273 effectively compensates for lower power and torque losses compared to gasoline vehicles, ensuring that power performance does not decrease.

With the launch of the 2023 JF-PLUS CNG, the M5 family's product layout for oil, electricity, and gas has been further upgraded, providing users with a good choice for reducing costs and increasing efficiency in wealth creation. In the era of wealth creation, Junfeng Company always starts from the needs of customers, brings higher quality products to customers, provides more professional opinions based on the different regional characteristics of overseas markets, and brings more market potential car models to overseas customers. Starting from the pain points of overseas dealer entrepreneurs, using better products becomes its strongest assistance on the road to wealth creation.

This model is very suitable for regions with abundant CNG (Middle East, Russia, Central Asia, etc.)