Picture News: Dongfeng Kept EV80

June 9, 2023
Latest company news about Picture News: Dongfeng Kept EV80

Recently, Dongfeng Motors held a launch event for the Dongfeng Kept EV80, further expanding its main product lineup in the field of new energy small cards.

On site, preferential policies for car purchases were released and new car keys were delivered to the first batch of car owners.

It is reported that in order to achieve the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", Hainan Province was the first to propose the goal of banning the sale of fuel vehicles throughout the country by 2030. Dongfeng Motor regards Hainan Province as the key market of new energy strategic layout, and Haikou, as the Weather vane of new energy industry in Hainan Province, is of great significance in promoting small cards.

This model also has good development prospects in the international market, as it can solve short distance and urban distribution problems with low transportation costs, and low-cost access to the "last mile". Currently, Junfeng Company is collecting overseas information to expand its product market.