“Jun Feng” took the lead of Dongfeng?

November 18, 2019
(This website Wuhan Xiawu report):At present, the global automotive industry center is accelerating the migration to China. The technological revolution characterized by electrification, digitization, networking and intelligence combined with business model innovation characterized by platformization and sharing is significantly changing the way the auto industry produces, sells and uses it. This time, the revolution in the global automotive industry is, in a sense, dominated by China. The global auto giant’s competition in the field of new energy and intelligent networking in the Chinese market has made the new wind direction of the global automotive industry Global spread.

Faced with the tremendous changes in the global automotive industry, as the vanguard of the development of China's auto industry, Dongfeng Motor started a new journey based on the “five-oriented” strategy. "Junfeng" car adjustment strategic planning, closely follow the Dongfeng Motor Group's national four strategy, seek their own development rhythm, open a new way of intelligent and new energy vehicles.

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The layout of the "five" will shape the "new east wind", "Jun Feng" can not fall behind.

In recent years, the growth rate of China's auto market has gradually slowed down, and overall sales have continued to decline negatively. At the same time, new technologies, new energy sources, and new materials are also accelerating integration with automotive products. The shape and production methods of automobile products have undergone profound changes.

“The focus of modern enterprises cannot be limited to scale, but also to see its future growth, and technological innovation is a core perspective.” In the context of growth, Weifeng’s chairman, Yan Yanfeng believes that this is exactly When testing the internal strength of car companies, car companies must upgrade the level of technological innovation, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and provide users with a full range of high-quality car products and services.

To this end, Dongfeng Motor has put forward the “five-oriented” strategy based on years of exploration and practice, namely, lightweight, electrified, intelligent, networked, and shared, and has begun to comprehensively promote relevant layouts.

At present, automobile lightweighting has become an important means of energy saving and emission reduction, especially in the field of new energy vehicles. Lightweight technology is an important means to balance the quality increase brought by the use of power batteries. In this regard, Dongfeng Motor has carried out various explorations and attempts in materials and processes. For example, the hydroforming process, that is, the use of liquid as a forming medium, can achieve a weight reduction of 10.2%; and if new materials such as carbon fiber and basalt fiber are used, Achieving about 50% light weight... At present, Dongfeng Motor has mastered 16 key technologies for lightweighting, and some technologies have successfully achieved industrialization.

In terms of electrification, Dongfeng Motor has mastered the key technologies of “three powers” such as vehicle control, and has the ability to calibrate and test key assemblies. In the field of new energy vehicles, it has applied for more than 370 patents, including more than 40 invention patents.

The advent of industrial change and the 5G wave has also allowed Dongfeng Motor to focus on the longer-term future, with frequent actions in terms of intelligence and networking. As early as March 15 this year, Dongfeng Motor announced that it would join hands with the National Internet Information Security Emergency Center and Boyun Times to build an intelligent networked car. Then, Dongfeng Motor signed the “Zhihang Longzhong” project with the People’s Government of Huyang City and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. on April 2, and promoted the intelligent network from the aspects of “Smart Vehicle Development, Vehicle Network Platform Construction and Operation”. Joint venture. In addition, Dongfeng Motor has also established its own car networking brand WindLink, and is equipped with a variety of main sales models such as Dongfeng Fengshen AX7 and Xun Hyun.

As for the shared car industry where major auto companies are competing, Dongfeng Motor is also one of the early "players". Since August 2016, it has been launched on the "Easy to enjoy" and "Dongfeng travel" Sharing a car service platform.

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Strategic transformation

For Dongfeng Motor, the “five-oriented” strategy is the answer given by Dongfeng Motor Station on the new historical node.

The data shows that in the past 50 years, Dongfeng Motor has produced and sold a total of 45 million vehicles. "When the country sells 10 vehicles, 1.4 of them are east windmills; the average daily production of cars, which lasts for more than 100 miles." Yan Yanfeng said with exclamation. But he believes that the development of a company depends on its growth and innovation. Enterprises can talk about history, but they can't lie on history. Dongfeng Motor needs to instigate structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading with the power of innovation.

More importantly, this is an era of reshaping rules. The center of the global automotive industry, which has occupied the world for a century, is moving to China.

Wang Xiaoming, a researcher at the Institute of Science and Technology Strategy Consulting of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that the combination of the technological revolution characterized by electrification, digitization, networking and intelligence, and the innovation of business models characterized by platformization and sharing are significantly changing the production of the automotive industry. Sales and use. In the medium and long term, the global auto industry is facing tremendous changes in the pain and industrial structure and division of labor.

However, unlike in the past, this time the global automotive industry revolution is, in a sense, dominated by China – it is the rapid shift of the world’s largest auto market to new energy, and it has forced a multinational giant with a wait-and-see attitude. Quickly follow-up, almost all car companies have released new energy vehicle development plans in the Chinese market.

The "deep love embrace" of Chinese Internet companies and car manufacturers has shaken the "nervous" of the entire car circle.

"At the moment, we are entering a stage of paradigm shift, starting from the paradigm of Fordism's large production in the original industrial age, and turning to the more flexible technical and economic paradigm based on ICT and the Internet in the intelligent era." Wang Yanmin, senior research expert in China's auto industry, said In this paradigm shift, China may be the best frontier for integrating industrial manufacturing capabilities with new technologies in the intelligent era. The world is looking forward to the "Chinese scene" of smart cars.

Because of this, Dongfeng Motor's strategic transformation path has a different practical significance.

Yan Yanfeng said that if the first 50 years of nothingness is seen as the journey of Dongfeng Motor for survival, then standing on a new starting point for the global automotive industry transformation, although in an era of change full of unknowns and possibilities It is difficult to predict who is the final winner, but at least before the next voyage, Dongfeng Motor has begun to accumulate and prepare for this.

Take the “Entering the Expo Express” to expand the “Friends Circle”

Experts in the automotive industry pointed out that the global automotive industry has experienced a period of rampant market growth, followed by a fairly long period of steady development. China's auto industry is not only welcoming the low-cost transfer and agglomeration of global industries, but should cultivate its own comprehensive industrial layout and advanced models. The huge scale and innovative ability of China's auto industry has enabled China to truly start a large-scale, large-scale era of mobilization and use of global industrial production factors, which is the most important industrial reality of the times.

At the 2nd China International Import Expo, which just came to a close, Dongfeng Motor not only took the “Inward Expo Express” to open the global procurement model, but also cooperated with COSCO Shipping (Europe) Co., Ltd., Pirelli Tire Co., Ltd. and Honda Technology Co., Ltd. The company has successfully signed cooperation agreements and participated in activities such as high-end forums for industrial development to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with global enterprises and institutions.

As an important gateway for China to the world, the Expo has opened a window for international free trade and opened a door for cooperation and win-win. In fact, during the first Expo, Dongfeng Motor signed a large purchase order with companies such as FANUC, Nissan Motor and Honda. Over the past year, these cooperation projects covering automotive parts, grinding machines, industrial automation and robotics, metal cutting tools, technical services, auto parts and other fields have basically reached the ground, and the “Entertainment Bonus” has been continuously released in Dongfeng Motor.

In the future, Dongfeng Motor will continue to take advantage of the Expo to deepen open cooperation, deepen integration into the global industrial chain and value chain, further expand overseas “friends circle”, promote international cooperation to a new level, and show the world a new face. The internationalization of the world.