Technology development capability is the core competitiveness of Junfeng

November 22, 2019
The core competitiveness of an enterprise is its product development capability and marketing capabilities. When the development capability of the enterprise is advanced, it will definitely provide a strong impetus for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

 In recent years, Junfeng Motor Corporation has invested a lot of manpower, financial resources and material resources in matching the core technologies of new energy vehicles with the whole vehicle, controlling core resources and core technologies, and has also achieved gratifying results. The first is to establish their own development team, has developed a new energy vehicle, intelligent pure electric coach, pure electric heavy truck and other models, and trained the team to improve their self-development capabilities; secondly, relying solely on Dongfeng Motor Group The company's development capabilities are used by me to promote the company's technological progress; the third is to combine colleges and universities and professional design companies to share technological achievements and enhance the company's competitiveness. The company has established strategic cooperation with Aojie Group Corporation, Wuhan Institute of Technology New Energy Vehicle Research Institute, Daan Technology Company and ART Company, and has achieved a large number of results.

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The advancement of Dongfeng's technology development capabilities will effectively synergize with the company's technological progress. On November 18, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the first batch and the second batch of national industrial design centers in the fourth batch and passed the review. The technical center of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. was recognized as a national industrial design center.

The national industrial design center refers to the enterprise industrial design center or industrial design enterprise that has been recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and has strong industrial design innovation ability, distinctive characteristics, standardized management, outstanding performance and advanced development status. The national industrial design center is recognized once every two years, and the first batch of national industrial design centers was established in 2013.

Dongfeng Company's Technology Center is Dongfeng's product development center, technology research center, and technology management center. It is also a national-level "enterprise technology center" recognized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the General Administration of Customs. Research institutes, the first batch of “overseas high-level talent innovation and entrepreneurship bases” in the domestic automobile industry.

The company's technology center is mainly responsible for the development of Dongfeng brand military vehicles and Dongfeng Fengshen brand passenger vehicles. Among them, the Dongfeng Warrior military vehicle successfully won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" and became the first product in the Chinese automotive industry to receive the award. Since the launch of the first product in 2009, Dongfeng Fengshen brand passenger car has launched S30/H30/H30CROSS/A60/L60/AX7/A9/AX5/AX4/E70/ Fengshen Xuan and many other products, this September 9th The listed Fengshen is a "new engine" to promote the sales growth of Dongfeng Fengshen. The Dongfeng Fengshen brand passenger car also realized the “zero breakthrough” of its own brand engine.

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In terms of industrial design, the company's technology center continues to create Dongfeng's exclusive modeling DNA. In April 2018, Dongfeng Company's “Pingzhi·Yuexin” design concept was released at the Beijing Auto Show. “Shuangyan·Atom”, “Big and Aspirations” and “Simple and Beautiful” constitute “Spiritual and Joyful” Layer core design implications. In the design concept of Dongfeng style, the exclusive modeling genes such as “Shuangyan·Angling”, “Atmosphere·Aspiration” and “simple and beautiful” have become the basis for the development of Dongfeng's design language, guiding Dongfeng to create a young person with high quality experience as the core. Design style, bringing users a happy car life. In December 2018, Dongfeng Mengshi A "military vehicle complete vehicle" design patent (patent number: ZL201630134201.0) won the 20th China Design Gold Award, which is the first "Chinese Design Gold Award" won by Dongfeng.

In November 2018, Dongfeng Innovation Design Center (Shanghai), a research and development institution under the company's technology center, was unveiled at the Shanghai Hongqiao Xindi Center. The innovative design center can meet the functional requirements of creative design, styling digital design and modeling model design. The initial research direction is mainly automotive design, and the future will gradually develop into new energy vehicles, intelligent network vehicles, new materials and new technologies and prospects. Design center for technology research business. In 2019, Dongfeng Innovation Design Center's first product, Dongfeng Sharing-VAN (Live) L4 self-driving car, has received wide attention and praise from all walks of life for its stylish style and sci-fi interior.

Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. will effectively use the resources of all parties in the society and the technical capabilities of Dongfeng Company to coordinate development and create a new world.