Junfeng company welcomes the new year in the severe cold

January 1, 2020

2019 is a rare winter for the automotive industry. He is the coldest winter that has ushered in the rapid development of the Chinese automobile industry in the past three decades.


2019 is also a cold winter for the world's auto industry. In the context of the global economic downturn, the automotive industry cannot stand alone.


In 2019, China's new energy automobile industry is also undergoing rapid tests in the process of growth. The decline of subsidy policy, the struggle of new forces, and the joining of big coffees have exacerbated the industry reshuffle.

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Just after the recent birth, Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has gone through 2019 in such a difficult background. There is joy and sorrow; there is progress and danger; there is innovation and helplessness; there is strength and wandering. We have traveled across the Great River in search of projects, we have traveled inside and outside the Great Wall to gain market access, and we have explored the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Arctic Ocean to explore overseas opportunities. We have met many like-minded people, we have witnessed the progress of the industry, we have learned the skills of the same industry, we have established a "Junfeng" brand image, and we have found our future development path in the struggle.


In this way, we ushered in the 2020 struggle.


In the new year, in the context of the global economy's downward momentum, the automobile industry will surely be filled with gun smoke, war wolves, blood flow, and new procedures. We, Junfeng Motor Company, will surely review the situation and follow the trend, seeking self-space, strengthening and living through the harsh winter, and welcoming a new spring.


We must focus on our own characteristics and work hard on technology development, technology application, and technology innovation. We must combine technology with commerce to carry out business model innovation and market exploration based on the current situation. Laying a solid foundation for building an excellent enterprise in the future.


The birth of Peugeot, all over the world, Just for you!

President:  Kaiyong Xiang

January 01, 2019