"Junfeng" makes our environment more comfortable

November 18, 2020

----The company launched a series of new energy sanitation vehicles

In order to make our living environment more comfortable, our environmental protection greener, and our property costs lower, the company has successfully developed a series of pure electric sanitation vehicles after nearly two years of preparation and successfully put them on the market.

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This series of new energy light-duty sanitation vehicles (see the automobile product column of this station) adopts a large number of company core technologies. The basic model chooses a mature chassis, and then grafts mature and reliable power batteries, drive motors, and control systems, and chooses a reliable quality hydraulic loading system, and has passed strict road test verification and user experience in the field, so that users can use it with confidence and drive A series of models with comfort and quality. After-sales service, the three-electric system is more than 200,000 kilometers in 5 years, which fully meets the sanitation service cycle.

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This series of models are used for sanitation operations in cities, parks, and communities. The vehicles themselves are noise-free and do not disturb the people; they have no emissions and are more environmentally friendly; they are low-cost and reduce the cost of users. The launch of this series of sanitation models of "Junfeng Company" will definitely create a sanitary, more comfortable and quieter living space for us.

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In the future, we will improve the technical level of vehicles and launch semi-intelligent or fully intelligent sanitation vehicles, which can also be customized by users to achieve product personalization.