The latest black technology, save the driving "head bower"!

November 16, 2020
Facing increasingly complex and changeable urban traffic

I believe that many driving partners have this kind of distress-the traditional head-up display (HUD) can only display the speed and navigation, and the amount of information is too small. Use a mobile phone holder. Sometimes the fixation is not strong and you have to move your eyes to see. Cell phone

I even looked down and looked at the map of my mobile phone and was frightened by the sound of the whistle, worried about my safety

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At this moment, I can't help but want to shout

  "It's too difficult to drive!"

Want to solve this trouble

Why don't you come to learn about Dongfeng's latest "black technology"

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Enhanced display head-up display system


Maybe in the near future
TA can help you say goodbye to the car "head bower"
Improper road "flustered guest"

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This is a smart system

TA combines driving-related information with the real environment and presents it in the driver's horizontal field of vision with augmented reality technology, providing an ultimate intelligent driving human-computer interaction experience that matches the intelligent driving performance

Based on AR-HUD technology, Dongfeng has also made a physical driver's seat experience area to make this conceptual product visual and operable. Let the editor come to experience it for everyone.

 Sitting on the windshield behind the driver’s seat, the real road map can be projected not only to perfectly overlap with the real lane, but also to show the road speed limit, vehicle condition and other information. It is quite a science fiction blockbuster.

Simply put, through AR-HUD technology, the front windshield of a car can evolve into a transparent smart 3D display. Drivers only need to sit upright and can easily see the map navigation, road monitoring, and road monitoring on the windshield. Pedestrian monitoring and other information

What a witty glass

No longer have to lower your head to confirm information, no longer have to worry about your driving safety

In addition, this system can also share the pressure of increasing information display on the dashboard and central control display to provide a richer design space for the multi-screen human-computer interaction experience in the car.

Think about it, if the future

Including enhanced display head-up display system

Various intelligent driving systems

Able to concentrate on one car

That's so cool to have no friends

It’s better to take a look at a "blockbuster" and experience it first~