Junfeng pays attention to the two sessions: updates on new energy vehicles

March 6, 2024
Latest company news about Junfeng pays attention to the two sessions: updates on new energy vehicles

The government work report mentioned the automotive industry 5 times, with new energy vehicles accounting for over 60% of global production and sales. The two sessions, the most concerning。

latest company news about Junfeng pays attention to the two sessions: updates on new energy vehicles  0

The report points out that it will boost bulk consumption such as intelligent connected new energy vehicles.

The Two Sessions were held in Beijing, and Junfeng Company closely followed the trend of the meeting, focusing on the development of intelligent and new energy vehicles, and will formulate countermeasures to follow the development.

On March 5th, Premier Li Qiang of the State Council directly mentioned automobiles five times during his government work report to the Second Session of the 14th National People's Congress.
The Premier pointed out that in the past year, China has increased its macroeconomic regulation efforts and promoted sustained improvement in economic performance. In response to the severe challenges and the characteristics of post epidemic economic recovery, we have coordinated stable growth and increased momentum, highlighted the need to strengthen the foundation and focus on precise policy implementation, and introduced policies to support consumption of automobiles, home furnishings, electronic products, tourism, and other industries. As a result, bulk consumption has steadily rebounded.
The report shows that China's production and sales of new energy vehicles account for over 60% of the world's total. Currently, significant progress has been made in the construction of a modern industrial system. Traditional industries are accelerating their transformation and upgrading, strategic emerging industries are flourishing, future industries are orderly laid out, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries are deeply integrated, and a number of major industrial innovation achievements have reached the international advanced level.
At the same time, China is promoting stable scale and optimized structure in foreign trade, with exports of electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products increasing by nearly 30%. Improve policies to attract foreign investment and expand institutional openness. We will solidly promote high-quality development of the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and rapidly increase trade and investment with countries that have jointly built the Belt and Road.
When introducing the key tasks of this year, the Premier stated that he will actively cultivate emerging and future industries, consolidate and expand the leading advantages of industries such as intelligent connected new energy vehicles, and accelerate the development of cutting-edge emerging hydrogen energy, new materials, and other industries. Strengthen the overall layout and investment guidance of key industries, and prevent overcapacity and low-level redundant construction.
To promote stable consumption growth, the New Year will also comprehensively implement measures such as increasing income, optimizing supply, and reducing restrictive measures to stimulate consumption potential. Specifically, we will stabilize and expand traditional consumption, encourage and promote the exchange of old for new consumer goods, and boost bulk consumption of intelligent connected new energy vehicles, electronic products, and other products.
In addition, the Premier also specifically mentioned the construction of charging stations in rural areas in his work for the new year. He will continue to deepen the implementation of rural construction actions, vigorously improve infrastructure and public services such as water, electricity, gas, and information in rural areas, strengthen the construction of charging stations and other facilities, and create livable, business friendly, and beautiful rural areas.
Last year, China's automobile production and sales reached a new high, and BYD entered the top ten global sales for the first time; Domestic new energy continues to strengthen, and new car making forces such as Xiaopeng and Lingpao have entered a reverse joint venture era; Chinese cars have stunned the world by exporting 5 million vehicles, surpassing Japan and Germany to become world champions.
According to Tianyancha Professional Edition data, as of now, China has 1.104 million new energy vehicle related enterprises, with 332000 newly registered enterprises in 2023, a growth rate of 45.3%.
From the perspective of regional distribution, Guangdong, Shandong, and Jiangsu have the highest number of new energy vehicle related enterprises. From the perspective of establishment time, the proportion of enterprises established within one to five years is the highest, reaching 50.6%, and the proportion of enterprises established within one year is close to 30%.