Junfeng's concern: from 2035, the EU will ban the sale of new internal combustion engines

November 14, 2022
On Thursday (November 10) local time, the European Commission announced on its official website the proposal for the "European Phase VII Emission Standard" (Euro 7). The new proposal further ensures the emission cleanliness of gasoline, diesel vehicles and trucks, and limits the emission of harmful pollutants from exhaust pipes and tires. The proposal will also be submitted to the European Parliament and the European Council for review, and will replace the "Euro 6" standard that came into force in 2014.

Junfeng believes that it is unnecessary for the domestic automobile industry to follow suit and do a solid job in its new energy automobile industry.

欧委会推出欧7排放法规提案 涉及电动车

The European Commission's proposal to introduce Euro 7 emission regulations involves electric vehicles
According to the European Commission, compared with Europe 6, Europe 7 can reduce the NOx emissions of cars and trucks by 35% and buses and trucks by 56%. At the same time, for the first time, the proposal also sets a limit on particulate matter emissions from brakes and tires, which also covers electric vehicles. Previous studies have shown that brake wear is also one of the main sources of pollution, and the pollution of low quality tires may even be higher than that of exhaust.
Previously, on October 27, negotiators from the European Parliament and EU member states reached an agreement that the EU would ban the sale of new internal combustion engines from 2035. This means that Euro 7 will probably be the last generation of internal combustion engine standards.
The European Commission's proposal to introduce Euro 7 emission regulations involves electric vehicles

Some people believe that since there are mainly Euro 7 internal combustion engines on the road after 2035, Euro 7 should be strictly treated, because stricter particulate emission limits can save thousands of lives. However, there is also a view that since the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles will be banned from 2035, there is no need to add a heavy burden to fuel vehicles.

欧委会推出欧7排放法规提案 涉及电动车

Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis Group, said at the Paris Auto Show that if the European Union's Level 7 environmental protection standard could be put on the road in 2026 or later in 2028, just a few years before the deadline of 2035 for internal combustion engines, vehicle enterprises would have to spend a lot of energy and money to research new internal combustion engines, which would waste a lot of resources.

If the Euro 7 emission standard can be implemented, it will become the most stringent emission regulation in history, which requires a large amount of research and development funds for automobile manufacturers. However, it is estimated that it will be several years before the European Union can truly implement the Euro 7 emission standard based on its historical efficiency and mutual dispute.

Junfeng experts believe that the automotive industry in Europe has a long history and technology accumulation, and the research on electric vehicles has never been lax or backward. The old car manufacturers have abundant funds and have never stopped their innovation in technology. Their efforts to catch up in the field of electric vehicles will definitely put great pressure on the agents of China's automobile industry. To this end, we must develop our strengths and circumvent our weaknesses, continue to innovate, consolidate the core technology foundation, and remain invincible in the automotive industry competition in the next 20 years.

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Junfeng believes that, at present, we have not put a lot of energy into the research and development of Euro 7 emissions of fuel vehicles, but should work hard in the field of electric vehicles, pay attention to the core parts technology of the three electrics, and work hard on the structure of the electric frame of the whole vehicle, the lightweight and intelligent of the vehicle, and the product quality and cost. Only in this way can we have a place in the future.