Junfeng unmanned vehicle technology accompanies Dongfeng

May 12, 2020
In March 2019, Junfeng Company launched research on unmanned vehicles. Since then, it has the concept of smart cars. At that time, there was a special promotional film "Junfeng Unmanned Vehicle Technology Demonstration". The technology at that time was just a prototype, but it was a bright light in the industry at that time.

More than a year later, the company accumulated technology, followed Dongfeng smart car technology advancement, participated in many unmanned vehicle research and development, and accumulated fruitful results. The unmanned port technology that Dongfeng displayed recently on the 11th of this month, Junfeng Company participated deeply from multiple angles and achieved gratifying results. This achievement refreshed the external perception of Dongfeng and Junfeng, and created Chinese standards.

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The picture shows the recent unmanned vehicle port loading and unloading

In a live demonstration this month, a self-driving port unmanned container truck was delivered from the COSCO SHIPPING Rose Ship next to No. 102 shore bridge for loading and unloading the ship under No. 101 shore bridge to pick up the box, and traveled from the front of the dock to After all the way, it automatically avoids obstacles on the road and enters the F1 yard, completes accurate positioning with the tire crane, and the yard unloads a series of operations, smoothly completing the loading and unloading ship operation process. Many people witnessed this scene full of future technology through the 5G + cloud video system.

The Dongfeng and Junfeng unmanned trucks, which debuted, are composed of "intelligent chassis + sensors", adopt a "cockpit-free" design, equipped with lidar, high-precision positioning inertial navigation and other technologies, which can realize active environment perception and self-positioning , Independent intelligent control, remote communication and remote control functions are another strength display of Dongfeng in the field of intelligent network technology.

In the future, Dongfeng and Junfeng unmanned container trucks will be widely used in port operations to reduce operating costs and improve operating efficiency for ports.

Port unmanned vehicles have Chinese standards

In the Wuhan Intelligent Networking Test Demonstration Zone, 36 Dongfeng Intelligent Networking vehicles are already in test operation. On May 7, 2019, a group of Dongfeng Tianlong KL team completed China's first large-scale commercial vehicle queue-up test. And in the orange island of Changsha, Hunan, Dongfeng Tianjin is also carrying out a trial operation of self-driving sanitation vehicles. In September last year, Sharing Box, an intelligent peer-to-peer logistics and freight platform, was launched to adapt to various scenarios such as campuses, scenic spots, and stadiums.

In Xiangyang, the National Intelligent Networked Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Hubei) set up in Da'an Automobile Testing Center on April 2, 2019, and can achieve the testing of 56 intelligent networked scenarios. At the same time, Dongfeng, together with the Xiangyang Municipal Government and Huawei, jointly released the "Intelligent Travel Longzhong" project to build the "Four Major Projects" of Smart Automobile Valley, Smart Travel, Smart Logistics and Smart Transportation Cloud Platform, and jointly build a "Smart City".

The Dongfeng driverless truck set launched for the construction of smart ports has enriched the application scenarios, which is another breakthrough of Dongfeng after building a "smart city".

With the publication of the national "Intelligent Car Innovation Development Strategy" and the publication of the national standard for "Automotive Driving Automation Classification", the strategic development path of smart cars in China has become more and more clear. Dongfeng Company actively responds to the strategies of "Broadband China" and "Transportation Power", and will continue to deepen social cooperation, cooperation between car companies and cross-border cooperation, and contribute to the realization of leading the emerging business industry and building a strong smart car country.

Junfeng Company will always give top priority to technological innovation and develop enterprises.