Separation of cars and electricity, green travel, and circular development

May 20, 2020

Today, the beautiful Wuhan Jiangcheng, the sun shines on the splendid city. On the special day of "520", the company and the demonstration operating company affiliated to Dongfeng Group reached a strategic cooperation agreement on the green operation and recycling of the new energy taxi network.

Based on the national opportunity to promote the new energy strategy and the opportunity for the “fuel-for-electricity” demand of taxis in the new format of green travel, the two parties will give full play to Dongfeng Group ’s new energy strategy and resource advantages, and work together to innovate a new business marketing model for energy vehicle-to-electricity separation "Electric separation, green travel, circular development" new thinking, jointly develop new energy vehicle taxi and online car rental market, the cooperation of taxi and online car "oil-for-electricity" project to achieve "automotive manufacturing-travel-integration "Car and battery scrapping-cascade utilization-remanufacturing-classification and extraction of renewable resources" closed loop, improve cooperation mechanisms, and achieve benefit sharing.

Wuhan Electric Vehicle Demonstration Operation Co., Ltd. is a leading company established by Dongfeng Motor Corporation in 2003. It is the first state-owned electric vehicle commercialization demonstration operation company in China. Since its establishment, it has implemented Dongfeng Motor Corporation ’s new energy strategy and promoted innovative business models. First try with the product, promote the demonstration operation of electric vehicles and promote, display, promote and other new clean fuel vehicles, vigorously carry out Dongfeng Group's new energy vehicle technical services and transportation services, continue to explore and research, in order to improve urban traffic pollution problems, Exploring the development of business models for new energy vehicles has played a positive role in promoting them. This cooperation with "Junfeng Motor" is to promote Dongfeng Group's new energy strategy "vehicle-electricity separation" project to achieve greater results at an early date.

Junfeng Company will effectively use the strategic cooperation opportunities reached by both parties to promote the innovation of the business model of Dongfeng New Energy Vehicles, reduce the user's cost of use in the "vehicle-electricity separation" mode, and let the more "Dongfeng" and "Junfeng" new Energy vehicles serve society and allow green travel throughout our beautiful cities.