Let "photovoltaics" add luster to electric vehicle charging

May 6, 2021

Recently, related technical personnel of Junfeng Company and domestic experts in photovoltaic power generation and charging industry discussed how to use solar energy to charge electric vehicles.

Nature has given the people inexhaustible solar energy. How to convert solar energy into electric energy to charge new energy vehicles is a project that industry experts are struggling to explore. Junfeng Company explored this project a few years ago, and gained some gains and experience.

At the end of April, industry experts with Xiamen Tuobao Technology Co., Ltd. as the main industry came to Junfeng Company. They shared their years of theoretical research and successful practice in many fields, and conducted in-depth and extensive discussions with car companies. Everyone It is believed that choosing a suitable vehicle model that is affected by the local area can realize that solar energy can supplement enough electric energy for new energy vehicles, making the electricity consumption of new energy vehicles cleaner, more economical and more convenient. Especially in areas where power shortages or electricity prices are high, this business model has strong vitality.

The technical solutions of experts believe that in sunny areas, combined with the roof area of private houses, erecting solar panels and necessary storage batteries, the electricity converted from solar energy in a day can not only meet the daily electricity consumption of a family, but also can be 30 degrees. New energy vehicles with about electricity supplement 50%-70% of the electricity, and the supplemented electricity can allow the vehicle to travel 100-150KM, which basically meets the electricity consumption of 2-3 days of urban mobility; combined with centralized charging and decentralized power supply (photovoltaic conversion ), basically achieve full charging coverage. Currently, this technical model has been adopted in a certain area, effectively helping the local area to promote the use of new energy vehicles and the development of a green circular economy.

Junfeng will join hands with Tuobao to jointly develop the "photovoltaic" electric vehicle charging market.