Photo News: Continued efforts in overseas markets

May 9, 2021
       Entering early summer, it is the season when everything flourishes. Junfeng Company continues to explore overseas markets, and new customers in South America and Africa continue to sign contracts with the company.

       At the beginning of this month, the company signed a contract with Goodwd Company in South America to jointly promote the South American market. Looking forward to the future, Junfeng Company’s customized new energy vehicles will run smoothly in South America; the seeds that Junfeng Company planted in Africa in the spring are positive. Ushering in the "Junfeng Tree", another batch of vehicles will be delivered to users. In the near future, there will be more "Dongfeng Junfeng New Energy" cars running on the land of Africa.

The picture shows the delivery ceremony of Qingdao Gang Junfeng Company to African customers on May 8.

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