Listen to the central government, develop the new energy vehicle business

August 2, 2021

         What signal does the Politburo meeting 11 words on new energy vehicles release?
         2021 will be a year of vigor for the new energy automobile industry, and the industry will gradually move towards a dual-driven development track of "policy + market".
    The Politburo meeting of the CPC Central Committee held on July 30 called for tapping the potential of the domestic market and supporting the accelerated development of new energy vehicles.

Experts from Junfeng Motor Company said that the country has been encouraging the development of new energy vehicles in recent years, but this time there are only 11 words "supporting the accelerated development of new energy vehicles", but the focus of policy signals is on "speeding up"; This is the manifestation of the achievements of our new energy vehicle development in recent years and the result of the efforts of all my colleagues on the new energy vehicle front.

According to data released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in June this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles across the country reached 248,000 and 256,000, respectively, up 135% and 139% year-on-year, continuing to break the historical record of the month; from January to June, new energy The production and sales of automobiles were 1.215 million and 1.206 million respectively, a year-on-year increase of 200%.

The "New Energy Vehicle Blue Book: China's New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Report (2021)" recently released by the China Automotive Technology Research Center and others predicts that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country's automobile industry will usher in a period of strategic opportunities and the popularization of new energy vehicles It will accelerate, and intelligent technology will bring about changes in the entire automotive industry chain and even market terminal services, laying a solid foundation for China's automotive industry in the next five years or even 2035. The production and sales volume of the Chinese auto market will also grow steadily, and sales are expected to reach a record high of 30 million vehicles by 2025.

      "2021 will be a vigorous year for the new energy automobile industry", and the industry is gradually moving towards a dual-driven development track of "policy + market". In 2021, "market performance will ride the wind and waves, and the scale of production and sales will reach a new high" to describe the development prospects of new energy vehicles this year. With the continued improvement of the economic environment, the further enrichment of new energy vehicle products, the implementation of policies such as new energy vehicles going to the countryside and electrification of public areas, as well as the continuous effect of subsidies and purchase tax exemption policies, it is expected that the new The production and sales scale of energy vehicles will reach a new high.
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   With the implementation of policies such as new energy vehicles going to the countryside and electrification of public areas, 2021 will be a year of vigor for the new energy vehicle industry.

  The reporter understands that, from a policy perspective, favorable policies concerning new energy vehicles have been issued frequently since 2020, and the industrial development environment has been further improved. In the face of the sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic, the central and local governments have intensively introduced a number of policies and measures to escort the development of the industry. At the macro level, the "Smart Car Innovation Development Strategy" and the "New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)" were successively released to clarify the industry development direction and strengthen confidence in the industry's development; in terms of stabilizing supply, clarify the point ratio requirements for 2021-2023 , Stabilize the market supply in the next three years; in terms of promoting consumption, continue to make efforts in extending subsidies and exemption of vehicle purchase tax, promoting new energy vehicles to the countryside and electrification of public areas, and tapping the potential of consumption.

"During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, the rapid development of China's new energy vehicles is beyond doubt." An Qingheng, director of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, also said that there are always controversies in the industry regarding the development of new energy vehicles, including technical routes and development speeds. , Policy support, the progress of the withdrawal of fuel vehicles, etc. Now there is no much controversy about "the development of electric vehicles is right", the concerns about its safety and driving range are also alleviated, and the views on the new forces of car building have also undergone great changes.

   In recent years, with the standardization, modularization, platformization, and generalization of new energy vehicles and electronic and electrical systems, the structure of the entire vehicle has been greatly simplified, and the threshold for new entrants to build vehicles has been significantly reduced. New energy vehicles are transforming from pure transportation to mobile smart terminals, energy storage units and digital spaces. In the future, automobiles are not only energy consumables, but also important carriers for the storage and consumption of renewable energy.

However, industry experts also said that from the perspective of the industrial chain, my country’s automotive chip development is not balanced. In terms of chip design, Huawei HiSilicon, Horizon, Black Sesame and other design companies have achieved mass product installation, and low-end chip design has been completed. It is basically synchronized with the world, but the high-end chip design has a large gap with the advanced level of foreign countries, especially the chip design tool (EDA) market has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.

   "In the chip design link, some products of my country's low-end and middle-end chips have basically achieved independent controllability, but some high-end chips still have a big gap with foreign countries."

In terms of charging and swapping infrastructure, my country's charging and swapping infrastructure industry is still at a preliminary stage of development and still cannot fully meet the development needs of the new energy automobile industry. Its development is still affected by unsound policies and insufficient support; there are many constraints in actual construction ; The level of interconnection is still low, unable to adapt to the constraints of many factors such as the future intelligent and orderly charging system.

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A number of automotive industry experts said that in order to implement the national carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, the auto industry carbon peak action plan should be researched and issued as soon as possible, clarify the working ideas for the low-carbon development of the auto industry, and determine the key tasks for the auto industry carbon peak. , Establish a low-carbon standard management system for automobiles, and build a policy system that guides the low-carbon development of the industry.