Why users like "EV70"?

August 2, 2021
A few days ago, Dongfeng Junfeng successfully received more than 2,000 orders for its excellent product power, worry-free after-sales guarantee and rich financial policies at an EV70 product promotion and online car industry exchange meeting.

In recent years, various regions have encouraged and vigorously developed new energy vehicle travel, and the online car-hailing industry is also ushering in a brand-new change. New energy vehicles are becoming the new favorite of the industry. As an independent mid-to-high-end brand of Dongfeng Motor Group, Dongfeng Junfeng has been continuously accumulating and exerting power in the field of new energy. EV70 has been loved by the majority of online car-hailing drivers and passengers for its unique product charm and user value. Overseas customers also like this model very much, and orders continue.

Dongfeng Junfeng EV70, with its advantages in acceleration, handling, endurance, wading performance, space design, braking distance, etc., has won multiple championships in the "Qinghai Lake International Electric Vehicle Challenge" for four consecutive years, and won a wide range of industries and media. Attention and affirmation. Dongfeng Fengshen E70 is favored by online car-hailing companies and drivers, with an operating rate of 92.6%, far exceeding the expectations of operating units. Behind the numbers is the EV70 model's deep understanding and full satisfaction of the value of users in the online car-hailing market.
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1. EV70 directly faces the "pain points" of online ride-hailing concerns

 EV70 fully satisfies the three most important concerns of online ride-hailing drivers: battery durability, endurance, and operating hours loss caused by charging speed.

The battery is super long lasting. EV70 adopts the high-performance ternary lithium battery of the leading international battery supplier Ningde Times, which has passed 16 rigorous tests and has accumulated 153 test items, which can provide 500,000 kilometers of power battery guarantee.

Strong endurance. The "ultra-long standby" E70 includes two models with different cruising range. Among them, the 401km cruising range model is sufficient for regular operation, while the 508km long-range version meets the longer-term operational needs of online car-hailing drivers. In the ECO mode, the vehicle's power consumption is significantly reduced, and the cruising range is increased accordingly; the energy recovery system including strong, medium and weak three gears, the highest gear can increase the cruising range by more than 20%.

The charging speed is super fast. EV70 adopts the second-generation battery intelligent temperature control system of high-efficiency liquid cooling (heating) technology, which effectively reduces the influence of external temperature on the battery. It can achieve fast charging between -20℃ and 50℃ high temperature. It can reach 80% of electricity in minutes. Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, for most of my country's online car-hailing drivers, it greatly shortens the outage time caused by charging. It can be said that both winter and summer use the car calmly, and quickly "recover blood" without missing work.

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2. EV70 is a profit-making tool for professional drivers
Of course, whether it is the durability of the battery, the length of the cruising range, and the speed of charging, for online car-hailing drivers, it boils down to nothing more than doing more business and earning more money. So in terms of car economy, EV70 has calculated a large economic account for users.


First, define a boundary condition: If the operating vehicle is operated on an average single shift of 300 kilometers/day, 28 working days per month, monthly mileage of 8,400 kilometers, 7,000 kilometers of maintenance are calculated once; fuel consumption is based on new energy 0.11 yuan/km, gasoline Cars are calculated at 0.5 yuan/km and CNG cars at 0.32 yuan/km; gasoline cars and CNG cars are maintained at 150 yuan/7000KM once; spark plugs are exchanged at 20000KM once, 196 yuan/group. According to this boundary condition, the final comparison result is: Compared with gasoline vehicles of the same specification, E70 can recover the price difference in only 20 months, saving 118,000 yuan; compared with CNG models of the same specification, E70 It only takes 28 months to recover the difference in car purchase, saving 68,000 yuan in expenses. If calculated based on the 59 months (500,000 kilometers) of the warranty period, operating the E70 compared with the petrol vehicle can save operating expenses up to 186,200 yuan. The savings are the earning, which can be called "the first car to make money by car-hailing." .
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Because it is very popular among online car-hailing drivers, the EV70 was compiled by the online car-hailing company as a slogan: "Less troubles, good business, more earning, less spending, worry-free and efficient." An EV70 taxi driver from Wuhan said, “Driving a tram is easier than driving a petrol car. I had to rest for three hours before driving, but now I’m not tired after driving for a day. It’s less than 1 cent per kilometer for charging and 3 cents for gas. Gross five. The cost is low and the income is high. I could only earn five or six thousand a month before, but now it’s okay to run a fast eight thousand."

3. EV70 enhances the "double-sided exquisiteness" of passenger experience

In terms of driver's driving experience, EV70 is equipped with two 10.25-inch screens, which dynamically and intelligently display vehicle information at a glance; equipped with WindLinkLITE system, equipped with iFLYTEK 3.0 voice engine, allowing drivers to control the air conditioning, sunroof, lights, wipers, etc. in the car through voice The device can also intelligently search for charging pile information, including the number, type, jack, operating hours, and price of charging piles. EV70 starts with technology and intelligence to fully reduce the fatigue caused by long-term driving.

In terms of passenger experience, the EV70 frees up 680mm of leg space in the rear row where passengers most often ride; at the same time, considering the needs of passengers to carry luggage when traveling, the luggage volume has been expanded to 506L, which can accommodate 20-28L at the same time. A suitcase and small items are all "in the bag" for daily travel.

 With its unique product charm and full insight into user value, EV70 has become a new favorite in the field of household and commercial new energy vehicles. It is reported that Dongfeng Fengshen will continue to develop new energy products in the future, develop the online car-hailing market, deepen cooperation with the national online car-hailing platform, provide better online car-hailing car solutions, and provide more drivers and passengers with more solutions. Comfortable and intelligent driving experience.