Media Focus: Dongfeng Lantu Motor Lands in Norway in June

February 18, 2022
On February 18, Lantu Motors announced its official entry into the European market, with its first stop in Norway, becoming the first overseas brand of the new energy national team.

The relevant leaders of Dongfeng Lantu Automobile said: "Made in China is becoming China's core competitiveness, and Chinese car brands are leading the development of global smart electric vehicles. Lantu FREE (configuration | inquiry) exported to Norway is the first Lantu to enter the overseas market. One step. Norway's culture of love for environmental protection and its high recognition of new energy vehicles have provided a good market foundation for Lantu FREE to go overseas. After that, Lantu will continue to enter other European countries and gradually enrich overseas products. Layout, with innovative technology and service experience, to meet and lead the needs of European consumers for high-quality smart electric travel.”

Lantu Motors announced its entry into the European market, landing in Norway in June

           As early as 2019, Dongfeng-related models entered European testing, and Junfeng also negotiated cooperation with the local Fresco Motors company to explore the way for later entry.

岚图汽车宣布进军欧洲市场 6月登陆挪威

According to the consumer demand, regulatory requirements and market environment of Norway and other European countries, Lantu Auto has been developing and testing corresponding products in a targeted manner in order to better satisfy European users.

In June 2022, Lantu FREE will make its official debut in Oslo, Norway, to meet with riders around the world. The first Lantu overseas flagship store is located in the Oslo Palace business district in the center of Oslo, the capital of Norway. In the fourth quarter of this year, Lantu FREE will be delivered to Norwegian users. Oslo is the capital of Norway. It is not only the political, economic, cultural, transportation center and main port of Norway, but also one of the cities with higher economic and living standards in Europe.
Lantu Motors announced its entry into the European market, landing in Norway in June

Lantu FREE's expedition to the European market stems from its excellent competitiveness in performance, intelligence and luxury. Norway's territory is long and narrow from north to south, and more than half of the country's land area is in the mountains above 500 meters above sea level. The medium and large SUVs with abundant power, larger size and good passing ability are favored by local consumers. Landtu FREE has a dynamic performance comparable to a supercar, and is equipped with an air suspension that can be adjusted up and down 100mm and a four-wheel drive system. No matter the driving performance, luxurious and comfortable equipment or excellent intelligent performance, it meets the travel needs of Norwegian users. As a "performance-level smart electric SUV", Lantu FREE will bring a new experience of smart electric travel to local consumers.

From the brand release, to the official delivery of Lantu FREE, and then to the opening of the global layout, Lantu Auto has become the fastest Chinese high-end new energy vehicle brand to achieve from local to global. Lantu's ability to quickly start the strategic plan for overseas market expansion stems from the strength of Dongfeng as a central enterprise to deploy global resources.

岚图汽车宣布进军欧洲市场 6月登陆挪威

As China's "new strength in car manufacturing", Lantu FREE has become a brand new business card of China's high-end brand models. With its highly competitive product performance and value, it has been quickly recognized by the market and users in China. This official entry into the Norwegian market is the first step for Lantu to go to the European market. In 2022, Lantu will gradually improve its sales and service network in the Norwegian market. In the future, Lantu will gradually enter other European countries, gradually enrich the product layout in Europe, continuously improve product experience and user services, and promote Chinese brands to go global.