Dongfeng Junfeng's solid-state battery passenger car is here

February 23, 2022
Dongfeng made the first domestic duty-free solid-state battery passenger vehicle, which marked Dongfeng's first entry into the mass production of solid-state battery passenger vehicles.

Recently, in the "Catalogue of New Energy Vehicle Models Exempted from Vehicle Purchase Tax" (the 50th batch) issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Dongfeng EV70 solid-state battery vehicle independently developed by the Dongfeng Group Corporation Technology Center was listed in the catalogue and obtained a tax-free license. This is the first solid-state battery passenger vehicle in China that has obtained a tax-free license, marking Dongfeng's first entry into a new era of solid-state battery passenger vehicle mass production.


This is the first batch of 50 high-specific energy solid-state battery vehicles jointly built by Dongfeng and Ganfeng Lithium. The delivery was completed in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. After one shot, Dongfeng made another progress in the field of solid-state batteries.


Dongfeng EV70 solid-state battery vehicle, developed by the company's technology forward-looking research center, has four major performance advantages: In terms of safety, Dongfeng solid-state battery vehicle adopts high-energy-specific solid-state battery, which has passed rigorous tests such as puncture and 50% extrusion large deformation. , normal discharge at 60°C, no abnormality in the hot box at 180°C, greatly improving safety; in terms of reliability, the solid-state battery system has also withstood the harsh experimental environment in terms of waterproof, explosion-proof, shock resistance, structural strength, etc., with leading technical indicators At the industry level; in terms of stability, "tailor-made" is implemented in the BMS algorithm to create a stable and reliable battery management system; in terms of power, the vehicle's battery life can reach 426 kilometers, and the accumulated mileage of the vehicle test has reached 15. 10,000 kilometers, excellent dynamic performance.

Solid-state batteries are considered to be the next generation of power batteries due to their high specific energy, high safety, and easy recycling. As early as 2018, Junfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and relevant departments of Dongfeng Group jointly carried out research on solid-state batteries and solid-state battery system technologies. After three years of technical accumulation, the project team has continuously achieved breakthroughs in the research of solid-state battery technology, successively realized the development of solid-state batteries, solid-state battery systems, and solid-state battery vehicles, and started solid-state battery demonstration operation projects as planned. In the future, more models will be equipped with solid-state batteries, which will ensure the vehicle's battery life, safety, and low temperature adaptability.

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The first application of solid-state battery technology to Dongfeng EV70 models is an important empowerment for Dongfeng Fengshen products. The company's technology center's breakthrough in solid-state battery technology also provides important technical support for Dongfeng to achieve the "dual carbon" goal.