"Mengshi" civilian version -- "Amazing!

June 29, 2022
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About halfway through 2022, from June 14th to 17th, Dongfeng Special Equipment Division will hold Dongfeng Mengshi M50 series promotion activities in Hebei. Focusing on the promotion of Dongfeng Mengshi M50 double-row pickup truck and M50 mid-top van, we will listen to customers' voices on the spot, understand customer needs face-to-face, and actively seek market opportunities.

Most of Dongfeng Mengshi models are military versions, equipped for the army, armed police, and police. The M50 model is his civilian version. Junfeng has been involved in R&D and sales for many years.

The promotion activities include static display, test ride experience and discussion and exchange. Dongfeng Special Equipment showcased and focused on the Dongfeng Mengshi M50 double-row pickup and M50 mid-top van to the Hebei Provincial Emergency Management Department and a number of refit units. Dongfeng Mengshi M50 has been praised for its high passability, high maneuverability, high reliability and adaptability to modification.

On June 14, Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle was introduced to Baoding Hongye as a real vehicle. The two parties focused on the use environment of the geophysical exploration industry, the product characteristics of Mengshi and the application prospects of Dongfeng Mengshi M50 in the geophysical exploration industry. The two parties reached a cooperation intention and stated that they will join hands in the follow-up to conduct surveys and surveys on the geophysical exploration market, jointly explore new projects and create new values.

On June 15th, Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle presented a real vehicle to Bei Auto, and the two parties focused on in-depth exchanges on vehicle application in the emergency field and M50 market promotion. The two sides said that in the future, they will work together to make relevant preparations and make key recommendations to the emergency vehicle equipment demand units such as the Hebei Earthquake Bureau.

On June 15th, Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle presented a real vehicle to Hebei Far East Communications. The two parties discussed and exchanged views on the application, marketing strategy, market promotion and adaptation adaptability of Mengshi in communications and other fields. The two sides expressed that they will further deepen communication, visit customers together, give full play to their respective advantages, and work together to tap and develop the market.

On June 16, Dongfeng off-road vehicle made a "cloud" promotion to Dongfang Geophysical by means of video connection. Dongfeng off-road vehicle and Dongfang Geophysical exchanged about the trial situation of Dongfeng Mengshi M50. Dongfang Geophysical highly recognized the product quality and carrying capacity of Dongfeng Mengshi, and at the same time put forward suggestions for improvement on the long-term driving of the vehicle in the desert environment.

On June 17, Dongfeng Off-Road Vehicle introduced the background of Dongfang Mengshi civilian product project, the usage scenarios of vehicles in various industries and the design thinking on the field of emergency rescue to the Emergency Management Department of Hebei Province. The two sides expressed that they will further tap the potential of cooperation, strengthen the in-depth exchanges of Dongfeng Warriors in the field of emergency rescue, and work together to open up the "last mile" to contribute to the development of emergency rescue.