This commercial vehicle has no cab and driver

July 4, 2022
On June 30, Dongfeng technology brand "Infinite Star"; the third-generation port truck project completed the phased goal, marking Dongfeng's further progress in the field of smart logistics. The project was developed by Dongfeng Group, and Dongfeng Yuexiang provided technical services, realizing the controllability of the autonomous driving technology of Dongfeng unmanned trucks.

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In the F area of Xiamen Yuanhai Container Terminal, I saw four Dongfeng unmanned trucks equipped with L4 level automatic driving technology driving smoothly along the fixed lane. After transporting the containers to the yard area, they automatically returned to the starting point of the quay crane and completed smoothly. A closed loop job. During the loading and unloading process, the precise positioning function of the unmanned truck allows the entire body to be adjusted in detail according to the position of the hook, making the actual operation alignment more accurate and stable. The car has no cab and no driver. But the ride is smooth and smooth from start to finish.

It is understood that the "Infinite Star" third-generation port truck overcomes various difficulties that hinder the application of autonomous driving technology in the open mixed-flow operation scenario, and furthers the foundation of "5G smart port full-scenario application" and "smart port 2". A series of technological breakthroughs have been achieved; new functions such as remote start and sleep, precise alignment of quay cranes and yard, bluetooth handle/mobile APP control, multi-vehicle formation driving, and vehicle-road coordination are added; the complex scene of multi-sensor fusion is high. Accurate positioning, it can operate normally in the environment of multiple occlusions by high buildings such as port yard cargo accumulation and tower cranes; based on the complex scene planning of the drivable area in the map search environment, it can better adapt to autonomous route planning and driving; Precise control in complex scenes such as line, turn in place, etc.

"Infinite Star" third-generation port trucks have realized multi-vehicle intermodal transportation in real ship operations, as well as mixed-flow operations of unmanned trucks and traditional trucks, which can complete the closed-loop operation of the whole process of loading and unloading containers, and is expected to achieve 24-hour all-weather operations , which greatly improves the safety and stability of the operation, and also improves the operation efficiency.

   Dongfeng Junfeng has always paid close attention to and deeply participated in the development of intelligent and new energy vehicles. This vehicle is the perfect combination of pure electric commercial vehicle chassis and intelligent driving. It is believed that in the future, more smart vehicles will be promoted and listed to meet the needs of the continuous progress of the society.