MS600 fuel version begins to be exported

February 5, 2024
Latest company news about MS600 fuel version begins to be exported

On February 4th, Shiyan was covered in white snow, and the first batch of 8 Dongfeng Mengshi MS600 pickup trucks departed from the local area and will be exported to relevant countries and regions in the Americas.

The Dongfeng Mengshi MS600 was launched in Beijing on February 18, 2023. It is a high-end off-road equipment platform in the field of emergency response, built on the Dongfeng Mengshi MS-1 technology platform. It integrates four characteristics: extreme off-road, strong and reliable, versatile modification, and comfortable experience. The market covers five major areas: emergency rescue, public security and police use, medical and health, field operations, and off-road travel.

The basic model of this model is a specialized vehicle equipped with the military, and has achieved numerous military achievements since its establishment. Junfeng Company sells the civilian version of this vehicle model on behalf of others, and realizes the sales of multiple models of the chassis (SUV, pickup truck, multi-purpose special vehicle).