S3 model launch and delivery busy

February 3, 2024
Latest company news about S3 model launch and delivery busy

Since its launch in January, the Dongfeng S3 model has been full of orders and delivery has been busy. Junfeng Company has taken on orders from multiple countries and is busy with delivery, achieving a successful start in 24 years!

Based on Dongfeng Quantum Architecture Platform 3, positioned as "Da Mei Intelligent National Vehicle". In terms of appearance, the Dongfeng S3 has four body colors: worry free white, heart pleasing yellow, leisurely blue, and fantasy purple, paired with a contrasting roof design, making the overall body relatively lightweight. As a small car model with a starting price of only over 70000 yuan, the Nano 01 adopts a frameless door design, which is relatively rare among vehicles in the same class and price range.

In terms of intelligent configuration, the Dongfeng S3 is equipped with a new generation 540 ° surround view system, which can comprehensively grasp the road conditions around the body and bid farewell to blind spots in vision. Eight mainstream intelligent driving assistance functions, including ACC adaptive cruise control, can cope with traffic congestion, narrow road sections, and high-speed traffic during holidays. It is worth mentioning that the S3 also has fully automatic and remote parking functions, which are almost invisible in low-priced models.

东风纳米01正式上市 售价7.48万—10.48万元

In terms of space, the Dongfeng S3 has a wheelbase of 2660mm and adopts a five seat layout. The interior space is spacious and comfortable, and it is equipped with the driver's one click lying flat function. In terms of "three electric", the S3 is equipped with the industry's first Mach E ten in one electric drive assembly, with a maximum power of 70kW, peak torque of 160N · m, maximum speed of 140km/h, and two range options of 330/430km. It also supports fast/slow charging. In addition, Dongfeng S3 also supports external discharge function.

As a pure electric small car, S3 will compete with popular models in sub markets such as BYD Seagull and Wuling Binguo in the market. Comparing the three models, it can be found that the S301 has good performance in terms of space and power parameters, but in terms of handling, multimedia and other configurations, it is not as rich as the BYD Seagull. In addition, Dongfeng Nano does not have any advantages in terms of brand, voice, exposure, etc., so it needs to put in some effort in marketing.

东风纳米01正式上市 售价7.48万—10.48万元

For large quantities, Junfeng Company can also undertake SKD orders, achieving multi-path sales. In the coming months, the RHD model will be launched in the category.