Photo News: Thousands of "SYLPHY" pure power grid cars will drive to Guangzhou streets

November 16, 2018

(This website yesterday Guangzhou News):Guangzhou street alleys can finally see the "SYLPHY" pure electricity, 1000 "SYLPHY" Xuan pure power grid about car delivery, quietly come, no pollution, about? About? About?

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On the afternoon of January 15, Dongfeng Nissan's 1000 "SYLPHY" pure electric vehicle delivery ceremony was held at Dongfeng Gymnasium, Fengshen Avenue, Huadu, Guangzhou (see above). As the first mass-produced pure electric vehicle that Nissan Zhixing Technology landed in China, the “SYLPHY” pure electric vehicle quickly realized the delivery of the new car after its launch. With the delivery of 1,000 new cars, Dongfeng Nissan has explained the powerful vehicle manufacturing strength of “Dare to be the first, full delivery” with practical actions. Relying on the vehicle manufacturing efficiency of Dongfeng Nissan's “world-class mother factory”, the delivery of new vehicles of “SYLPHY” pure electric vehicles in major cities has been launched one after another, interpreting “Dongfeng Nissan Speed” by action.

In addition to reliable product quality, under the concept of Dongfeng Nissan's full value chain service, "SYLPHY" pure electric vehicles are still a real travel solution. According to the evaluation of the vehicle conditions, Dongfeng Nissan will provide 3 years of 120,000 km vehicle warranty for the "SYLPHY" pure electric vehicle users, 8 years of 120,000 km electric vehicle key parts quality warranty, 8 years 200,000 km battery attenuation warranty service, let the car purchase More safety in the car; in the charging service, provide a one-click inquiry charging pile, free gift and installation of charging piles, 24-hour emergency rescue and other comprehensive charging services for the car buyers to ensure that every car owner can enjoy the worry-free travel experience; At the same time, in the case of value-for-money repurchase, Dongfeng Nissan will provide a residual value repurchase service policy of up to 55% for 3 years based on the evaluation of the vehicle condition. From every step of car purchase, car use to value-for-money repurchase, Dongfeng Nissan has considered consumers well.