Realize "specialization" and "innovation", and explore differentiated markets

September 25, 2023
Latest company news about Realize "specialization" and "innovation", and explore differentiated markets

The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and products are becoming more homogeneous. Vehicles are being bought with gimmicks to cater to the market. This is a common phenomenon in the current car market and also a chaos in the industry. Junfeng Company is exploring a new path for enterprises to survive and develop in such an environment.

Recently, Junfeng Company held a symposium on the theme of "enhancing core technology and innovation efforts, utilizing professional capabilities to develop specialized vehicles, meeting user diversity and specialization needs, and achieving innovative development of vehicle business models". The symposium communicated and reported to experts, relevant government departments, and customs, seeking expert technical support and policy support from relevant government departments to achieve vehicle "specialization" New "operations (specialization, novelty).

Experts and relevant government departments believe that this is an innovative business model that organically combines technological innovation with business innovation; Efforts have been made to achieve "specialized" use of vehicles, accurately capturing the market and customers; We have put in effort on 'new' and achieved the goal of 'people without me, people with me are new'. Experts believe that bold innovation and trial implementation can be carried out on some models, and through differentiated business ideas, special markets can be occupied to achieve maximum market share. The relevant government departments have stated that they will provide strong support in policies and sales channels, in accordance with the law and regulations, to help enterprises achieve innovative development, and create conditions for enterprises to occupy domestic and foreign markets and products to cross the sea.

Specialized and new management will surely pave a new path for the development of Junfeng Company!