Product information: Pure electric cement mixer is launched

January 9, 2023

Recently, "Dongfeng" brand pure electric mixer was launched and delivered to users

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This delivery vehicle is a pure electric 10 square mixer based on Dongfeng Tianjin KR platform, matching with Ningde era 350 degree large capacity battery, Fast automatic gearbox, Dongfeng Dana maintenance free axle, Zhongneng drive motor and Huichuan controller. All the three electric systems are well-known domestic suppliers. At the same time, it is also equipped with Dongfeng patented technology energy recovery system, which has significant advantages in energy saving and efficiency. The transportation cost per kilometer can be saved more than 2 yuan compared with traditional fuel vehicles, and each vehicle can increase the revenue for customers by 80000 yuan every year. Dongfeng pure electric mixer has been widely used in Sichuan Tibet Line, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other places, creating greater value for more and more customers.

Junfeng Company participated in the development of this model, which has a high technology content of fueling, and the use cost is very affordable. Junfeng Company receives orders and performs overseas sales.